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Which Instrument Should Your Child Play?

Most children will want to learn to play a musical instrument at some point. It’s a fantastic skill to have as they enter adulthood, but music isn’t for everyone. However, you should encourage your child to take up a musical instrument, even if their school doesn’t. So, how do you decide which instrument will suit your child?

String Instruments

String instruments are among some of the most difficult for children to learn. Having said that, if a child starts from a young age and continues throughout the years, they can be some of the most enjoyable. The perks to starting a string instrument are many. For instance, children can start with smaller instruments and increase the size as they grow up. When learning to play a string instrument, progress is usually slow, so your child shouldn’t have to feel that they need to see results right away. These instruments suit children who are willing to stick at it.

Woodwind Instruments

The woodwind instruments are ideal for children who will want to see quick progress. Some of the more common initial tunes that can be played on these instruments are fairly easy to pick up. They can be adjusted for small children, making them practical and easy to play. The good news for parents is that most of these instruments are inexpensive. So, if your child wants to try out the flute or clarinet, for example, you can pick up some fantastic second-hand children’s instruments for a low cost.


The thought of having your child practice the drums in your house at all hours isn’t the nicest. However, the drums can be a great choice for children with plenty of passion and have proven to be a fantastic choice for children with behavioral struggles at school. If you’re dubious about buying an entire kit, why not take a look at some advice written by Drum Kit Digital. If your child proves to be interested in playing drums for the long run, you can always upgrade eventually.

Brass Instruments

The great thing about brass instruments is your child can choose to play any genre they choose. From Opera to Jazz and everything in between, the brass instruments are likely the best when it comes to expression. Children can start learning from as young as 4 years old. However, the trumpet can be difficult for young children to handle, so starting with the cornet is a good choice. Again, these instruments are usually inexpensive for beginners.

Ask Advice

A music teacher will be able to spot children with a natural flair for a particular instrument, and children who may benefit from some extra help. If you aren’t sure which instrument is right for your child, ask their music teacher to make a recommendation based on their skills. It’s all trial and error, so don’t be surprised if you go through a few different instruments before your child settles on one they like and want to stick with.

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  1. My daughter has been playing piano for 4 years, but it is a very slow process. I love seeing her progress over the years. I played saxophone and loved it!


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