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When You Should Call A Roofing Contractor

As exciting as the idea of owning your own house is – the freedom from paying rents and also the sense of fulfillment that comes with owning a landed property – you can’t deny that it is no easy task. As a homeowner, asides the utility bills you are expected pay, you are also obligated to do all it takes to keep the house in a proper condition; one of such responsibilities has to do with the maintenance of the roof.

Granted, a good roof should last for as long as 15 years before requiring replacement; but you can’t take out the fact that, the likelihood of it reaching its expected lifespan is a product of stoic adherence to proper precautionary and maintenance measures. Suffice to say, you should care for the roof like you do for something you love. And when you care for something, what do you do?
You show concern and you watch out for signs that signify non-wellness. Same way you should show concern to your roof and call for an Illinois roofer to help when it faces a threat.
Here are few conditions or scenarios that should warrant you calling a roofing company in Dallas:
  1. After the Storm

This should appear like a no-brainer to us. It is no news that storm is the leading cause of roof deterioration, and in extreme cases, an imminent replacement may be called for. Since we can’t feign negligence towards the possibility of experiencing storm every now and then, we should take precautionary measures to ensure our roof doesn’t get affected as a result. The right thing to do after experiencing a storm is to call a roofing contractor to have your roof inspected; by so doing, if there is any fault detected, it would be handled quickly before it blows out of proportion and that act alone can save you some bucks that would have been used for serious repair or replacement.

  1. Cracks on The Shingles

It must be hard being a roof, considering the harsh weather conditions it is bound to endure; over time, the roof would’ve been beaten enough by these harsh weather conditions that it would literally crack. A noticeable crack could tell you that there is a problem before you know it, that crack could expand to something else that would make your roof porous. You don’t want to let it get to that, so, it is only reasonable that you call a roofing contractor to have the crack checked and act accordingly.

  1. Accumulated Granules in The Gutters

You are most likely to experience this if you use asphalt shingles. The consistent beating of the roof by harsh weather conditions could lead to deteriorated shingles; in which the granules are proof of it. Usually, the granules get blown into the gutters, which explains why you would find it there. The granules are simply sediments of the roof material and that should tell you that your roof needs an immediate call to action. So, in such scenario, call a roofer to have it checked and to take the appropriate action.

  1. Lopsided Roof

After a heavy fall, an eventual distortion to the shape of the roof is definitely not out of context, most especially when your roof is the light type. This distortion could be a large sag on the roof and if you allow it to be that way, it could break and cause a roof leak. When you notice such, calling a roofing contractor is a step in the right direction; it could just be that saggy shingle that would be needing a change, hence, there won’t be no need for an entire replacement of the roof.

  1. Loose Or Missing Nails
You might ask, how do you know when there is a missing nail? You can rightly guess there is a case of a missing nail when there are few rounded holes noticed at strategic positions – the joints especially – on the roof. This phenomenon could have been caused by a storm. No one should tell you that few missing nails on the roof are a cry for help as that roof is more susceptible to harsh weather conditions. As already established in the above paragraphs, calling a roofer to have it checked is the right way to go, as they would know better on what should be done.

You may read this piece and be like, “is it not too much?” “Are all these even necessary?” Trust me, it is necessary and totally worth it. You don’t want to be that homeowner that would be forced to pay more for an entire roof replacement – after few years of installation – that could have been avoided if the right precautions were taken. So, by all means, be watchful, be cautious, call a roofer when the need be and your roof would be better off for that.

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