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What Time of Year is Best to Move?

Some Dallas movers say, that whether you’re looking for a new apartment because you’re sick of your current place, or you have to move due to a career change, you want a place that fits your personality, lifestyle, and most importantly, your budget.

You want a place that’s the perfect size and, ideally, close to stores, transportation, and other amenities. However, you may not be aware that there are good times and bad times to look for a new home. If your schedule allows it, you will do well to look for a new apartment when the time is right, and we’re going to take a look at those times today.

According to some apartment experts, the market of renters fluctuates from between 2-5% throughout the year. This fluctuation depends on many factors, including how big the apartment is. For example, let’s say you’re looking at a one-bedroom apartment, then the price you’d save in rent could fluctuate from $37 to $171 per month depending on when you move. In the case of a two-bedroom apartment, your savings could range from between $36-$191 per month. Those amounts should be all the proof you need that shopping for an apartment during the right times is what you want to do to save that money. It may not seem like a lot, but at the high end, it could mean paying a utility bill or having enough to go out a little more for a nice meal or fun with friends.

Keep in mind that if you’re in a big city such as New York or Los Angeles, you won’t save nearly as much regardless of when you move because most of the areas in these cities are in high demand all year round. But, there are many places where you can save on rent when you move at the right time. Check for rental changes when looking for an apartment for rent in tay ho and gather some information about the time of the year when you can expect some discount.

So, having said all that, let’s take a look at the best and worst times to move.

Winter = Best
Nobody likes to apartment hunt when the thermometer drops, but that’s one of the big advantages of doing it. Since people are reluctant to move in the winter, it means landlords have places they need to fill, which often means lower rents. Also, since the schools end their classes late spring and early summer, that’s when most families decide to move, which creates a glut of people looking for apartments and increases rents. Also consider that during the winter, most people are busy with holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and they can’t be bothered to think about moving let alone look for an apartment.

Then there’s the weather itself. When you move, you’re always in and out, and as mentioned, no one wants to be going in and out when there’s snow on the ground or when it’s freezing outside. People would much rather move when it’s warm and sunny. So while this means that there are usually fewer apartments available during the winter, with people preferring to wait until warm weather, the apartments you do find will often be a better deal for you because the landlords want them to be occupied.

A possible downside to trying to find an apartment in the winter is that since there are fewer apartments to choose from, you can’t be picky when it comes to a place. You might have to compromise on a few of your wants to get a place at a reasonable price. Also consider the town you’re moving to and whether it’s a ‘college town’ because, with a high population of students, you’ll have less of a chance to find a good deal because students do start college during the winter, which drives up prices. Also, consider the area you’re moving to and the population. If you’re moving to a highly-populated area such as Manhattan in New York, then you’re probably not going to find much in the way of deals as these areas are highly sought after no matter what season it is.

Still, with all that said, winter is the best time to look for a new apartment, and if you’re not too picky, you can probably land a great place and save some money to boot. Depending on the damage you left behind due to being messy, the trials of moving, or from kids or pets, you may want to think about hiring an apartment cleaning service before your apartment is inspected after moving out. If you help get it back in top shape, you have a better chance of getting your security deposit back in the end.

Summer = Worst
As we mentioned above, summer is when everyone wants to move. School is out, people are on vacation and have time on their hands, and the weather is warm. So, when you have that many people out looking for a new apartment, that means the landlords see dollar signs and raise their rents due to the high demand.

However, if there’s one good thing about moving during the summer, it’s that the pool of apartments to choose from is large, which means you have a much better chance of finding that perfect place with all of your wants and needs. Just remember, you’re most likely going to pay top dollar for that apartment, though.

Before you plan to look for a new place, it’s good to understand how and why the market fluctuates year in and year out to give you the best chance of finding that perfect place that fits your budget and hopefully saves you some money. Just remember that winter is your best bet because you don’t have as many people looking for a new place, which often means you can negotiate a better deal. However, since people don’t like to move during the winter months, you have a smaller pool of apartments to choose from, which means you might not be able to get the exact place that fits all of your desires; you might have to compromise.

As always, compare the pros and cons of moving during each season and decide what’s best for you. You can find an apartment virtually any time during the year, but you have to be determined and keep looking until you see one that meets your budget. Try not to become discouraged and realize that if you wait a few more months, you might be able to get a better deal. Especially when dealing with long distance movers.

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