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What songs would we find on the mixtape of your life?

Music! I LOVE music!!! There is not really a genre of music I don't like. I can get in a car and listen to about anything.
What songs could you find on the mixtape of my life?

I have loved p!nk since she first came out. I have SO many favorite, and I love that no matter where I am at in my life, there is a song of hers that relates to things going on in my life.

I don't know that this one is so much of "my life" but it is what i try to instill in all three of my children each and every day. Be simple- Follow your heart- Be someone you would want someone to be to you- and know we are always there for them.

Literally could have written this song. LOL! So much truth in this song for me.

This is my current go to jam. It just speaks to me. Being a little bit lost but a little bit found. As my kids are starting to get a little bit older and a little more independent, it makes me wonder what "next" looks like.

Super silly little song my now 15 year old daughter introduced me to a few years ago... and i just fell in love! It is just a fun little ditty about being you, owning  you, and minding your own business! 

This was my husband and I's wedding song. Almost 20 years later... still all holds true. For him, for my kids, I just always want to be here and be present.

Reminds me of the fun of being a carefree teen and how silly we used to be..

This is just some of my go-to, have all the feelings songs for me. 
So how about you. What's your mixed tape of life look like? 

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  1. I think one song would be Grow Old Along With Me by John Lennon. It was our wedding song.


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