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What Can Your Hair Tell about Your Personality?

It is truly said that the inner beauty of the person is the most important part of their personality. If you are a happy and loving soul, your beauty automatically radiates from within. A person’s outer appearance also tells a lot about their personality. It defines who they are and how they perceive life. It tells us about whether the person is an introvert or an extrovert, confident or unsure, a leader or a follower, a negative or an optimist. Although all of these assumptions might not be true that is how people perceive things from one’s appearance. This is the reason why we dress our best on our first date or for an interview because the first impression is the lasting impression in many cases.

Our appearance includes many things; our dress sense, our make-up, the way we communicate, and most importantly, our hair. Our hair is one of the biggest features which enhance our beauty, especially in the case of women. It is one thing that can add or snatch our beauty. When groomed properly, it adds and highlights the beauty and grace to your personality; and if not, it gives you a dull look and even takes away the focus from the rest of your personality. Following are the points about what your hair can tell about your whole appearance and personality:
  1. They show your hygiene: You can mask your face with the layers of makeup, and you can hide your body with the designer clothes, but your hair will always be visible, showing how much you care about your hygiene. Washing your hair on the regular basis is a sign that you have good hygiene. Dirty and oily hair gives a very bad impression on the people around you. Getting regular haircuts is another way that shows how much you care for your body. Everyone loves to be with the person who put so much effort into maintaining her hygiene and cleanliness.  
  2. They tell about your dedication: Your hair tells a lot about your dedication towards the work you are doing or to the place where you are going. Every work and every place have their own set of an environment which requires a specific personality. Dressing according to the occasion is an art which everyone should learn. You would look fabulous by letting your hair down or curling them when you go for a party or to have a drink with friends. But if you take that style to give a presentation in your office, it would look quite inappropriate. Similarly, a classy sleek bun would look so boring while dancing at a party. Your dedication to style your hair according to the environment is actually noticed and appreciable by the people around you.  
  3. They tell your age: Your hair has the power to reduce or increase your age. That is the impact of your hair. The way you style your hair can either make you look pretty much below your age, or give you a look which is 5 years older than you what you actually are. Your hair color, hair-cut, and hair-do have the ability to help you look younger than you are. There are several hair-cuts which can give a great volume to your timid face or if you have a round face, you can get step-cut or bangs which will give quite a good cut to your face and slim it down. You also need to be cautious about your grey hair which can give you a mature look. You can try out supplements or hair renewal gels in order to promote the hair growth and lessen the grey hair.    
  4. They show your self-care: Self- care depicts self- love and a woman who takes care of herself show how much she loves herself. Taking some time off from your hectic routines and visiting the salon to get a spa is perfectly normal and quite important to re-energize yourself. A woman feels content and happy when she maintains and pampers herself from time to time. And we all know that a happy woman has the power to brighten up the environment anywhere and everywhere she goes.

Everyone has some good hair days and some bad hair days. But it is essential to maintain our hair in terms of its volume and shine. Your hair, when maintained and groomed, will increase your happiness and boost your confidence when you step out of your house. It adds up the beauty and enhances your already attractive features and nothing will give you more confidence than your shiny, beautiful, bouncy and voluminous hair.   

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  1. wow wow, it's too early for me to think about age, but I like to take care of my hair, it's really fun


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