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Tips for Traveling with Pets for the First Time

It seems like a fun idea, and a grand adventure... traveling with your pet. While millions of Americans travel with their pets each year, there are also plenty who don't. There are many factors as to why one might choose to travel with their pet or to leave them with a caregiver if their person needs to travel for work or is traveling for pleasure. Traveling with a pet can be a wonderful experience for you and your pet, if done properly and safely. Here are a few tips to keep you and your pet safe when traveling together for the first time.

Make sure your pet is healthy and fit for travel.

One major check-point that is overlooked far too often before traveling with pets, is making sure that they are in good health. It's a great idea to take your pet in for a well-visit before taking them on a trip. Make sure they are up to date on vaccinations, make sure their tags are current and pick up any needed medications for your pet before hitting the road.

Be fair to your pet when it comes to time spent in the car.

If you think about it, as humans, we need to take breaks when traveling by car to do all the things- going to the restroom, drinking water, having a regular meal or snack, etc. Your pet needs these basic things, too, so don't forget about them or push them off 'a little longer' just to make better time. Stop in a safe place to let your pet go to the bathroom. Make sure you give them fresh, clean water to drink, and feed them during their normal meal times. Never leave your pet in a hot car!

Research Pet-Friendly Establishments

Most folks who travel by car for hours at a time map out the road ahead of them for their trip. If possible, try to stop for lunch at a local cafe or bistro with outside seating that might allow dogs. If you're staying overnight in a hotel, be sure to call ahead and make reservations someplace that allows pets, like cats or dogs. Many hotels have a no-pets policy, so plan ahead accordingly. You might even have better luck using Air BnB to find a pet-friendly home with a room for rent along your travel route.

Bring along needed items for your pet.

You don't like to travel without the necessary items, and neither will your pet. If they're used to sleeping in a pet bed, and you have room to bring it along, do it. Bring something like a favorite plush toy or blanket that smells like home and will help them feel safe and secure while away from home. Pets often don't respond well to change and can wind up with heightened anxiety, so do everything you can to help keep them calm during your travels together. Bring along plenty of fresh water, food, treats, medications, a leash, etc.

Make sure your car is in good shape

A basic tune-up before any type of road trip is best. Checking things like fluids, brake lights, wiper blades are a good place to start. You'll also want to make sure that the heat/air unit works properly depending on the time of year you travel with your pet. It's a great idea to put a seat cover over the back seat of the car to keep any drool or pet hair off of the car seats.

Traveling with your pet can bring a lot of you to you both, if done properly. Don't forget to stop in a few fun spots along the way to snap some selfies with your furry bestie!

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