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Thanks to TIME Slippers for the sample. All thoughts are my own.

Thanks to an old knee injury, (I now have to use knee padsmy thirty-five-year-old knee is in pretty rough shape. It's often hard to walk a lot without it bothering me, and I can forget simple things like kneeling on the floor to play with my kids, or attempting yoga. I'm not able to do a lot of the things I used to love, and I foresee knee surgery in my near future to try to help solve the underlying problem. Unfortunately, there are lots of relatives of mine who suffer from hip and knee ailments and have trouble walking. Finding the right pair of shoes often makes all the difference when it comes down to enjoying our time together.

Not only do I have trouble with my knee, but my dad also has trouble with his. You see, he was born with a twisted hip, which was never surgically corrected. Thus, he has trouble with his hip, knee, and foot. He has the worst time finding supportive shoes that allow him to walk without discomfort- whether at home or on the go.

I recently discovered TIME, a company devoted to helping make their customers comfortable in their amazing slippers. The cool thing about TIME is that while they primarily make slippers, they are high-performance slippers, which can also be worn as street shoes! If you've ever wanted to wear your slippers out of the house without being judged, these are the slippers for you!

Men's Low-top Slippers ($130.00, Timeslippers.com)

TIME has wonderful slipper styles for both men and women. I love their selection of high-top and low-top styles, perfect for wearing at home or on the go. I selected the Men's Low-Top Slippers in Black/Black because they look and feel like a leather shoe, and looks like a slipper/shoe my dad would flip for!

These black genuine leather slippers are awesome! They come packaged in a handsome box, and the smell of leather as soon as you crack the box open. I love that smell, don't you? This style is black on black, but there are other color combos available, and higher top options, as well.

The flexible/stretch heel is perfect for anyone with foot problems.

They don't have tie laces, so you can easily slip them on and off. They are super supportive but are also extremely flexible. They're also wool-lined to keep your feet warm! They're so comfortable, you'll feel like you're walking around on a yoga mat, wherever you go! Amazing! They have a stretch/flex heel to give you space and flex comfort you desire. Wear them like slippers with no backs or with the heel covered!


Yoga Mat Insoles
Wool Lining
Flex Soles
Stretch Laces
Premium Leather

Want them? Get them!

These slippers would make an excellent holiday gift this season. They're perfect for college students, parents, and seniors, too! Find your perfect pair of slippers at TIME Slippers
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Special thanks to TIME for allowing me to share about their innovative slippers this holiday season. Be sure to look for them in our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide! 

Who do you know who would love a pair of these slippers for Christmas?

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