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Sunday Riley Announces a New Limited-Edition Skin Care Kit

Sunday Riley is a Houston, Texas-based skin care company that prides itself on not only creating products that show visible results but products that show fast results. Formulated to also maintain long-term benefits, their products help treat a wide range of skin ailments and conditions, such as acne, the signs of aging, dryness, oiliness, and other skin flaws. All of their products feature advanced actives as well as purified botanicals. The brand is named after its founder, who wanted to create products that actually work.

They have won over a legion of obsessive fans who flock to Sephora only to end up on waitlists; although, these fans happily await their chance to scoop up their products. This season, Sunday Riley will be releasing a new skin care set that many are excited about, mostly as it will feature a new version of their Good Genes liquid exfoliator.

The first version of Good Genes became a favorite of beauty gurus everywhere. The product was able to give you glowing and smooth skin. However, earlier in the year, the company announced that they would be discontinuing Good Genes due to the fact the U.K. government had set into place new regulations that affected its formula. Good Genes featured lactic acid, and the new regulations limited the amount of lactic acid that could be used in skin care products. That meant that Sunday Riley was unable to keep selling Good Genes.

In October of 2018, the company released a brand-new version of Good Genes that has a glycolic acid formula, which functions as an exfoliant. But fans of Good Genes in the U.S were disappointed to learn that this new Good Genes would only be available in the U.K. But the brand has recently announced that Good Genes is coming to America as part of a limited-edition set that they are calling the Early Access Kit. And when they say limited edition, they mean it, as there will only be 1,000 of these kits available for purchase.

The Early Access Kit will also feature two more brand-new products that won’t even go on sale until 2019 and can’t be found anywhere else. Along with Good Genes, the kit will feature the A+ serum, which is an enhanced version of their best-selling Luna Sleeping Night Oil. A+ will contain a high dose of retinol, around 6.5%, which is powerful enough to show great results right away. It will also be full of botanical ingredients, including ginger, pickle pear cactus, Hawaiian white honey, and bisabolol, which is derived from the chamomile flower. Because of the concentrate of retinol, the company recommends that your build up your tolerance, as retinol can cause skin peeling and irritation.

The third exclusive item in the kit is called C.E.O Glow, which is a serum that contains turmeric face oil, antioxidants, vitamin E, and THD ascorbate, which is a potent form of vitamin C. Based on their regular C.E.O serum, this new product promises to leave your skin glowing and healthy.

You will be available to have your chance of picking up the Early Access Kit on November 19, when the brand relaunches their new website. With a total value of $230, you will be able to scoop up the kit for only $185. The brand hasn’t announced if it will be selling the new Good Genes outside of this kit, but the A+ serum will be available in January and C.E.O Glow will be available in March.

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  1. This sounds so nice. I am a huge fan of great skincare products.


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