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Ravensburger and Brio: Games, Trains, and Toys

Thank you to Ravensburger and Brio for the products. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Selecting the perfect gift can be stressful. You want it to be age appropriate, something that'll last, and something that will actually be appreciated. For kids who are into trains, cars, and games, I've found the best gifts with Ravensburger and Brio.
In 1883, Otto Maier wanted to create a company that combined education and entertainment. Starting with educational and family games, how-to books, presentation folders for craftspeople, and children's stories then adding instructions for model construction and amateur art, Otto Maier's company had published over 1000 products by his death in 1925. 

Maier's three sons managed the company after his death and continued the tradition of keeping the products educational and entertaining. Children's activity and craftsmanship books were very popular. In the 1950s, games became more popular and Ravensburger continued to create engaging games for all ages. 

Brio also has a rich history dating back to 1884 in Sweden. Making toys and games for all kids of all ages, Brio was purchased by Ravensburger. When you're looking for any toys or games that are made with passion and the motivation to engage the participants, look no further than Ravensburger. 

Hendrix is a fan of trains, maybe the biggest fan so I was very excited to check out Brio's tracks and train wash. He loves creating different tracks and running his trains along them for at least a couple hours a day. Hendrix has loved the new additions and I can't wait to get him more accessories from Brio to fuel his imagination and play with his trains. 

Maverick is still a little young, but has loved pushing the car and playing with the little people in the Camping Set. Hendrix of course loves it and has been taking it all over the house and making up dialogue for the people on their camping trip.

The games were absolutely perfect. Since Hendrix learned a match game about a month ago, he's wanted to learn how to play other games. Five Little Fish is great for his age because it is easy to learn and understand the objectives. 

As for the other game, Jon and I enjoyed playing Big Money with his family over the holidays. Again, it was entertaining and a quick learn for everyone. 

Want it? Buy it!

Big Money $19.99

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Ravensburger and Brio have a perfect gift for any age. 


  1. My son has train pieces and a space set from Brio and loves them.

    1. My son is train obsessed and these were all perfect additions to what he has. I'm looking more into the railroad crossings and bridges to add to his collection :) The Brio trains are very nice.


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