Protect Your Car Seats with Sporty Seats

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I love to be on the go with my kiddos, especially in the summers. Museums, pools, parks, and more. When we're outside, I let my boys be kids. They can get a little muddy or splash in some puddles after the rain. How do I get them back in the car, though, if they're all dirty for the short 10 minute ride home before a shower? Sporty Seats
Whether it's your kids getting dirty or wet after playing in puddles or swimming or you working and getting dirty yourself, Sporty Seats are perfect for you. They were created after finding it difficult to put kids in booster seats using the products that were already out there. No car seat cover is easier to install than Sporty Seats.

The Sporty Seats are:
  • waterproof
  • easy to install
  • lightweight
  • comfortable
  • easy to wipe and go
Want it? Buy it!

Kids Seats, Work Seats, and Sporty Seats are $29.00. Sporty Seats come in a variety of materials and patterns. You can choose from laminate cotton or vinyl-backed canvas with a choice of at least 10 patterns and colors. 

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Keep your seats clean and dry from work and play with Sporty Seats.


  1. With four kids, this would come in very handy!

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