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My Hero is My Dad

Photo credit: Katie Basbagill

My father will always be my hero. I got married in July 2011, but I still love the pictures of me and my dad from that day. 

He is my hero for many reasons, but a big reason is he actually saved my life one time. My dad's side of the family was all up at a couple lakehouses our family owned up in northern Indiana. My aunt had invited a family to stay with her and they had helped install her ladder on her pier since she hadn't put it in yet as it was still early in the season. 

Many people were hanging out at the end of the pier, chatting or swimming. I went to climb down the ladder into the water. As you do naturally when you climb down a ladder, I pulled back on the ladder a bit. 

Unknown to anyone, the ladder was not bolted to the pier. 

I pulled the ladder on top of me and it pinned me under water as it got stuck in the sand and my 7 year old self was too little to push it off. 

My eyes were open and I could see all the people just standing there looking at me. The next thing I knew, my dad had jumped into the water and he saved me from drowning. 

My dad is the most selfless person I know and really stepped up his already impressive game when my mom died. 

He bought me tampons at the store without hesitation or embarrassment. 

He painted my toenails for prom. 

He became a Girl Scout leader because I love Girl Scouts so much. 

He did my hair in the morning. 

My dad is a beautiful person and has had a similar impact on other peoples' lives. I'm grateful to have him as my dad and for my kids to have as a grandfather. 

Who is your hero? 

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