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Maya Toys are Perfect for this Christmas

Thank you to Maya Games for the products. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I love buying activities and games for birthdays and holidays. They are gifts they can be used throughout the year (s) and give them another outlet. I also love these activities during the winter months when we don't get outside as much. Maya Toys has a wide variety of products for your kids this Christmas and winter season. 

With over 20 years of experience, Maya Toys strives to create toys that dazzle and engage boys and girls globally. Orbeez™, Zorbeez™, Pom Pom Wow™, and Cutie Stix™ are all produced by this independent toy company. The toys are designed to not only keep children's attention, but to also allow many hours of creative play. 

My nieces loved playing with the Cutie Stix Jewelry Maker and Orbeez Super Sweet Shoppe. Both of the crafts allow the girls to make something of their own. There is nothing sweeter than to see the proud smiles on their faces when they see the final product of their original idea. I will always appreciate anything that supports creativity and independence.

The jewelry maker is easy to use once it is set up and there are so many different designs to make that the girls played with it for awhile and can come back to it again to make more later. 

The Orbeez Super Sweet Shoppe is also very creative and I enjoy watching them make their own sweets. Of course the ice cream, cookies, and cupcakes were their favorites to make. This is the perfect gift for any little one who loves sweets and is creative.  

 I have been trying to get Hendrix into games for months. My mother in-law finally got him to play one with her about a month ago, but this Fryin' Flyin' Donuts game has really kicked his motivation into gear. He is now wanting to learn other games because he loved it so much. 

The box says 4+, but my 3 year old can understand how to play it and does well following the rules while understanding the objective. It is a great starter game for any little that you want to teach how to play games in general. It is incredibly engaging and very easy for them to understand. 

Want it? Buy it!

The Cutie Stix Cut and Create Station is only $29.99.

The Orbeez Super Sweet Shoppe is available on the Maya Toys site for $19.99.

Fryin' Flyin' Donuts can be purchased on Amazon on sale now for only $9.99!

If these particular games and crafts aren't what you are looking for, check out what else Maya Toys has to offer. 

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Which Maya Toy will you be purchasing next? 

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