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MARY POPPINS RETURNS: Now Playing in Theatres Everywhere!

One of the best things about being an adult right now, is seeing all of my favorite Disney films that I loved as a child come back to life. When I think about the movies that have been adapted for live action films, or re-made, or have been blessed with a sequel, my list of super favorites is about a mile long. I've been waiting to see MARY POPPINS RETURNS since I first heard word that Disney was working on the film. When I was a kid, I loved watching Mary Poppins- especially on sick days spent at home with my mom. Are you feeling warm and fuzzy yet?

The wait it finally over!
MARY POPPINS RETURNS is now playing in theatres everywhere! This is the family film of the holiday season that you will want to see again and again! 

Amazing! With so many wonderful movies out this holiday season, I know it's hard to pick and choose which ones to go see, but I promise you won't regret popping over to your local movie theatre to see MARY POPPINS RETURNS!

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MARY POPPINS RETURNS is now playing in theatres everywhere! 

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  1. I love to watch this movie with my son. But it seems to me that I am more passionate than he!


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