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It's Almost Time for Winter Break- Hang in There Mama!

Happy Thursday, friends! We are just mere days away from Christmas and 2 days away from the start of Winter Break. Things at Wigglesworth Manor have felt a little more chaotic than they have in years past, and I'm looking forward to this break much more than I usually do.
I have been holding onto a bunch of unnecessary stress because we all have been sick on and off for most of the month. I haven't had a chance to bake cookies, take the girls to see Santa, buy new pajamas for pajama day and lots of other (trivial) things.
Yesterday, I forced myself to take a few minutes and I realized- I still have time to bake some cookies, I don't need to go overboard. The girls still have time to see Santa, but if we don't get to see him this year, it'll be okay. The girls have PLENTY of pajamas they can wear for pajama day, and they are happy to wear any of them because the day is about the fun of wearing PJs to school and not buying more. 

The bottom line? Everything will work out exactly the way it is meant to. Any stress you are holding onto about being "behind schedule" with wrapping, shopping, baking, or (if you are lucky enough) packing for your vacation- just let it go.  

Once I started letting go of my own expectations for what should be happening and permitted myself to go with the flow, the amount of stress I felt has decreased. Hang in there Mama, things will get easier for you too! 

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