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How to Save Money Online this Holiday Season

Are you cramming last-minute holiday shopping sessions? My house has been plagued by sickness since Thanksgiving, and it's been so hard to get anything holiday-related done. I am so thankful that shopping online is a thing- otherwise, Christmas might not be happening on time this season. Technology is amazing, and being able to shop online from the comfort of my own home- in my pajamas, even, is so wonderful!

I used to love shopping in-store. It was kind of thrilling, actually. I loved hunting for bargains and combing through sales and clearance sections of retail stores. And then, something happened- I became a mom, and quickly realized that the love affair was over! Shopping in store with kids in tow is something out of a nightmare for me- truly! It's like pulling teeth to get my kids to behave, and walk out of the store with the things I need. My last in-store trip to Target consisted of $16.00 spent on Starbucks- just to get through the shopping trip, along with $150.00 spent on Peppa Pig toys and I have no idea what else. 'That's the thing about shopping in stores,' my sister commented. 'You walk in with a list and two hours later- bam, you've spent $1,000.00 on pillows and toilet paper!' I had to laugh at that because goodness knows, it's sort of true!

Since I am much more focused on shopping online and finding great deals, I've come to love Sello! Sello has some great online deals for everyone! It's so fun to browse their available coupons and save on brand new merchandise from hundreds of independent merchants. I'm always on the hunt for new and exciting, yet unique products that I won't be able to find anywhere else, and Sello helps me score the absolute best deals out there on really cool items that I can gift during the holidays, for birthdays, and special occasions! I absolutely love it! Not only that, I can find great deals on products I already love! Double score!

Why bother getting dressed, wasting gas, fighting traffic and crowds to get to stores, only to not be able to find what I need and leave in frustration? Instead, I can stay home, sit nice and cozy with a cup of coffee (maybe even in my pajamas), the kids can play in their rooms, and I can enjoy browsing cool products at amazing prices. I'll feel even better knowing that I am saving time and money!

What are some of the ways you best save time and money?

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