Helpful Car Hacks For Traveling With Kids

As every parent knows, driving with kids can be quite challenging. In fact, most journeys that are longer than a quarter of an hour can often end in tears, tantrums, and grumpiness. And it might not be just the children who break into a tantrum - I know lots of my mommy friends have sometimes been on the verge at the end of a journey themselves!

Thankfully, though, there are ways to prevent your car journey from ending in a total disaster. In most cases, being well prepared for every eventuality can really help you from stopping your kids going into total meltdown. Here are a few helpful car hacks that you might want to use next time your in the car with your kids.

Let Them Sleep

If your kids seem even just the slightest bit tired, it’s worth encouraging them to go to sleep and napping through most of the car journey. After all, if they are fast asleep, then there is no way they will be able to complain of being bored. Not only that, though, but by the time they get to your destination, they should be refreshed and in a good mood.

Make It Easy To Find Your Car

No one likes getting back to a car park only to realize that they’ve actually forgotten where they parked their car. I’m sure that we’ve all been there and have spent way too long wandering around the parking lot trying to spot the vehicle. If you need to do this when your kids are with you, then they might end up very frustrated and irritable. So, try to make it easier to find your car. One idea is to put a topper on the aerial. If you don’t have a car with an aerial, then you can just drop a pin on Google Maps which you can then use on your return.

Pack A Sickness Kit

Lots of kids suffer from car sickness and if you know that yours do too, it’s a good idea to pack a sickness kit. That way, you don’t have to worry about the car getting too dirty and messy! The pack needs to include a sick bag and personalized air fresheners so that you can mask any bad odors. It’s also worth adding some wet wipes so that you can quickly clean any sticky hands!

Place A Cheap Phone In The Glove Box

Even though you might always have your regular cell phone on you, it’s still a good idea to put a cheaper phone in your glove box that you can permanently store there. You’ll then always have a phone in the car. This will come in useful if you ever need to contact someone in an emergency. For instance, if you ever get stuck in bad snow with the kids, at least you will be able to call someone to pick all of you up.

As you can see, car journeys with the kids don’t have to be too bad!

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