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He'll Never Lose Track of His Wallet Again with the Ekster Parliament Trackable Smart Wallet #MBPHGG18

Thank you to Ekster for providing me with a sample for review. All thoughts are my own.

Every year, the guys in my family all put the same item on their holiday wish list- a new wallet. So, every year, I go searching for a wallet that will match or exceed their expectations. When asked why they need a new wallet each season, I always get tons of answers. My husband wears his wallets out quickly. He fills them too full, is rough on them, and is constantly misplacing them. My dad prefers something thin that won't hurt his tush when he's sitting down. The less bulk, the better. Oh, and did I mention that it needs to look incredibly handsome and be of designer quality?

For a while, I figured that my guys must have had me pegged as some sort of miracle worker. I mean, their list seemed pretty long, it seemed as though every choice in a wallet I had made previously just wasn't up to snuff by their standards. I was ready to give up entirely on the hunt for worthy wallets until I learned about Ekster.

I learned a lot about fashion, design, and style from a couple of amazing guys who just so happen to be my uncles. My Uncle J has worked in fashion for nearly thirty years in NYC, and he, along with my Uncle C know a thing or two about handsome, classic men's accessories. I knew they would approve of Eskter in a heartbeat, and I couldn't wait to check out one of their beautifully crafted wallets in person.

The Ekster Parliament- a Smarter, Sleeker Wallet

What do you get when you combine a handsome wallet with technology? You get the Ekster Parliament, an amazingly attractive trackable smart wallet. Let's break this bad boy down bit by bit, starting with the basics.

ekster mirrors a blend of tradition and innovation that is so characteristic of our products. Each product is hand-crafted from the highest quality genuine leather available around the globe sourced from LWG gold-rated tanneries who serve only top-of-the-line luxury leather brands. Every product that makes it through their design process adheres to 5 criteria that distinguish our products from the others on the market: Efficiency, Safeguarding, Innovation, Quality Craftsmanship, and Style.

So, simple, and so clever!

The Ekster Parliament is Ekster's flagship product- the one that really started it all. This wallet is available in several colors, though I am showing you the Nappa Black. I always think that black is a classic go-to color choice when it comes to wallets. Start with black, and then you can add other colors to your collection from there.

This is a premium leather wallet. It is soft to the touch, and absolutely gorgeous! I'm a little bit jealous that my own wallet isn't this nice, and PS- my wallet is a designer wallet. It bears the Ekster logo on the front, and the stitching is sublime! When you open the wallet, don't be thrown off. There are hidden gems waiting for you to discover them!

Each wallet features:

1) Card Slider System which hold plenty of cards and takes up minimal space.
2) Scanner/Tracker Card Pocket to help you keep track of your wallet.
3) Extra Card Pocket 
4) Multi Purpose Strap which is perfect for holding an ID card, etc.
5) Card Slider Trigger- just give a push and watch this amazing wallet work for you!

So, what else does the Parliament do?

You will never have to worry about a lost wallet again, my friends! This amazing wallet comes with a tracker card, which you set up and then leave in your beautiful new wallet.
Using TrackR®'s Crowd-GPS technology, Ekster's solar-powered tracker card synchronizes seamlessly with your smartphone. How neat is that!?

The app will track the last known location of your wallet, so if you do misplace it, you'll know where to go back to.

The Parliament features a two-way ringer, too! You can ring your wallet from the app on your phone to find it? Lose your phone? Tap the tracker card in your Parliament wallet to ring your phone! Wow! This is such a cool feature- a huge bonus, if you ask me!

If another TrackR community member passes by your wallet (if you've lost it), you'll be notified by the Crowd GPS!

The tracker card is powered by solar power. This means that it only needs three hours of daylight in order to fully run and function for an entire month. There's nothing to plug in or charge- ever!

The Parliament is a leather bi-fold smart wallet for those that want maximum storage and minimum bulk. 

Quick card access mechanism
Worldwide traceability
Solar-powered tracker card
RFID blocking technology
Premium European leather

I am more than impressed by this beautiful (er, handsome) wallet. It looks stunning and I'm really looking forward to seeing how well it looks as time goes by. I know we won't be disappointed in its appearance in a year or two. The fact that this is a smart wallet is pretty amazing. The Eskter Parliament is the ultimate wallet for any guy who is constantly misplacing his wallet, wants a slim, yet functional wallet with loads of room, or is just looking to try something new.

You can also purchase individual parts of the wallet if you ever need to replace one of them, or want to switch up the color scheme.

Want it? Get it!

I encourage you to head on over to Ekster to check out all of their handsome wallets and more. This would make such an awesome holiday gift for any guy in your life!
Use code XMAS-30 to receive 30% off your order!

Connect with Ekster on Facebook and IG.

A very special thanks to Ekster for allowing me to share about their wonderful trackable smart wallets this holiday season. Be sure to look for it in our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

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