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Give the Gift of Beer on Tap at Home with Hopsy #MBPHGG18

Thank you to Hopsy for the products. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Once again, I have found a unique, and what would be well received, gift, but this time it is for (craft) beer lovers. Don't just buy them the bottled beer. Buy them beer they can have on draft at home. That's right, as fresh as possible thanks to Hopsy.

The owners of Hopsy started a growler shop in 2016 in Albany, California. They would deliver their growlers filled with craft beer and business was good. People loved it; well, the customers. What the drivers discovered is that growlers are not the easiest or best way to deliver craft beer to customers. The growlers can break, don't hold the freshness of beer for very long, and pouring can be difficult. 

Hopsy developed a solution. 

In June 2017, they launch the best of a kegerator and a keurig into one machine and created the SUB. It is a home-draft appliance that is small enough to sit on your counter. Each mini-keg has four pints you can enjoy, on draft, in your home and at your convenience. You don't have to worry about finishing an entire growler in a couple of days. 

I was very excited to try this product as it is incredibly unique and such a neat idea. My husband has  loved craft beer since we got out of college and I got into it a few years later. We enjoy good beer at family events and holidays. Being able to have a draft beer in my house is amazing on so many levels. Having two little ones, we love to spend time with our kids; it's still nice to have a good beer every once in a while. Now, we don't have to go out for that beer on draft because we can have it at home. 

I was a little anxious about using the SUB since it was new to me, but it was very user friendly and the beer they sent was very good. The Proton IPA was a delicious IPA for those who enjoy that particular beer. Electron Smash had a unique taste I was surprised by. Both were very drinkable and I'm always happy to support the craft beer industry. 

Want it? Buy it!

 Right now Hopsy is having a holiday sale. 

You can also buy a 4 pack of beer with the SUB Home Tap and 2 free glasses on sale now for $73.99 (regularly $259.99). Your choices are IPAs, best sellers of the month, or easy drinkers. You save $160! You know you want to for yourself or for someone you know.

A single beer container costs range from $19.99 to $21.99. You can save $5 if you're a part of their club. 

If you know someone who would like Hopsy, but not exactly sure what to buy, you can get the VIP Gift Box which includes 4 Hopsy glasses and a $50 gift card for $79.99. 

If you simply want to purchase a gift card, they have that option as well, but those holiday sales are really hard to pass up. 

Hopsy delivers to approximately 85% of the country!

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Hopsy is unique, convenient, and tastes so good. I know my husband, his brothers, and almost every guy I know are difficult to find the perfect gift. Some of my girlfriends would also love this gift being fans of craft beer themselves. It is another one of those gifts that keeps on giving throughout the year, which in my mind are the best gifts. 

Wrap up a delicious draft beer from Hopsy this holiday season. 

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