Getting Your Oven Ready for the Festivities Ahead

The holidays are upon us. If you’re like most families, it is likely that you will be spending plenty of time of time cooking up a storm. Given that a lot of services will be on recess, you want to ensure that your oven will make it through the holidays without a glitch. We’ll look at what you can do to ensure that your oven is working at optimum through the festivities.

Do a thorough cleaning
Whether you opt to DIY or hire a professional, cleaning your oven twice a year will have it running as it should through the holidays. If you bake often than it is likely that there is some caked up grease in the oven that needs to be cleaned out. For those who choose to undertake the cleaning task themselves, make sure that you read the manufacturer guidelines on how to go about it. It is likely that you don’t have the pamphlet with you, so you can do some research online or give the company a ring.
Mind the wiring
What most people forget is that knobs have electrical wiring under them. Therefore when you sprits water or detergent under the knob, or even remove it to clean, you’re short-circuiting the wiring and opening yourself up to the risk of getting electrocuted. Therefore, be mindful how you maneuver around the tubing to avoid getting in danger. In the same way, note how the burners are working. If one area is not lit then the oven is in use, it’s a sign that you need to change them.  As always, ensure that the stove is unplugged when cleaning. You can unplug from the switchboard, meaning that electricity, including the skylight, will be off.
Check and replace the gas oven
To have your oven churning out, baked goods consistently requires having a constant supply of gas. Before the holidays are in full swing, check the gas levels and replace if necessary. You may also want to get a professional to do the installing as they can advise if the gas pipes need replacing in case of a leak. Though it might feel unnecessary especially if you haven’t had any incidences, it’s still better to be safe than have anything happen.
Clean as you go
When things spill in the oven, you want to clean them out immediately before the stove is completely cool. Once that happens, the substance solidifies and creates a layer of grime that becomes much harder to remove when you get round to general cleaning. Alternatively, you can create a barrier where you have a tray that catches anything that might spill over as you bake. You can remove it to clean and put it back.
Wrap up

Lastly, annual servicing is another way to ensure that your oven is running at optimum. That requires hiring a professional to take apart the oven and cooker to give it a thorough cleaning and replace any wiring. It might appear pricey, but it’s a lot cheaper than calling an electrician when there are faults or having to purchase a new oven.

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  1. My mom just cleaned her oven and cracked something while she was doing it. The first time she turned it on, it caught fire. So scary!


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