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Games and Puzzles for the Kids this Holiday Season from Banana Panda #MBPHGG18

Thank you to Banana Panda for the products. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Gifts for children are always challenging for me. I want to get them something they want, but also something that has some educational value to it. Many times, I have found, these types of toys are longer lasting and children come back to them more than other types of toys. Banana Panda has a wide variety of products for children of all ages that encourage all our little explorers to be curious about the world and how it works. 
Banana Panda is a US based company created by the founders of the successful European brand Bright Junior Media. They specialize in puzzles, games, and and educational toys. As a consumer, I can tell this company is family run and focused on building relationships between children and their parents.

I was so excited to receive the products from Banana Panda. My boys are both very busy and love to be engaged with a variety of activities. My oldest is very into puzzles right now so those were especially a big hit. He is just now learning how to play certain games and has shown interest in the animal themed bingo and dominoes. 

Banana Panda products are ones I love for a few reasons: 
  • The design is absolutely beautiful. The colors are so bright and catch the attention of both of my boys. 
  • The variety of puzzles, games, and toys is perfect for different ages. 
  • They continue to engage my boys over and over again. 
Banana Panda is even a finalist in the Toy of the Year Awards in the Rookie of the Year category. Now that I have the products, I can attest this company is absolutely worthy of the title. 

Want it? Buy it!

Look for where to buy Banana Panda locally and for prices. Based on Amazon prices, the products I received range from $16.99 to $18.99. There are other flashcards, games, and puzzles that are a little cheaper if you're looking for gifts more on a budget or want to purchase more than one. 

Use the code 10PANDAGAMES until January 31 for 10% off the Suuuper Size Memory Game, Let's Play Farm Dominoes, and Let's Play Animal Bingo.

Check out their catalog for other amazing gifts!

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Which Banana Panda products would you buy for kids in your life? 

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