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Food For Thought: Making Personalized Lunchboxes For The Kids

Working with the kids to personalize their possessions is one of those lovely things you can do together as parent and child, whether you're helping them to make a cute little journal for school, or just nurturing their creativity, there are so many things you can apply arts and crafts too so it looks a bit more them. Personalized lunchboxes are a nice little thing for your child to have that is theirs and theirs alone, and while all their friends may have Paw Patrol lunchboxes, providing them with something that they’ve designed gives them a bit more pride, not to mention the fact that you can keep their lunch in one handy place! So, here are some ideas…

Their Name
Maybe your child doesn't want to go over the top with the design, but you can put some vinyl cutouts that have their name in big bold letters. Vinyl is one of those multi-purpose materials, and on vinylcuttingmachineguide.com there is a nice guide for those looking to get a vinyl cutting machine. The great thing about vinyl cutting is that it adds a really glossy finish to something that looks usually quite rustic.

Polka Dots
Simple, yet stylish, to make some polka dots you need various varieties of vinyl, a couple of hole punches, and of course a lunchbox. There are some nice lunchboxes on planetbox.com and all you need to do is cut various circles out of the vinyl, peel away the vinyl backing, stick to the lunchbox, and keep going until your child is happy!

Go Artful
You don't have to spend hours on it, in fact, all you need is a paintbrush and the color you want, write your child's name in cursive, and you've got a stylish, yet formal, lunchbox! If this is too prim and proper, go mad with the paints- bring out your inner Jackson Pollock and start splattering patterns all over the lunchbox and you are good to go!

Let Your Mind Wander!
What do you want? And don't even limit yourself to thinking about the typical lunchbox that's either plastic or metal. You can create some makeshift lunchboxes and bags with a picnic basket, a Lego lunchbox, stenciled bags made out of canvas, or even an upcycled milk jug! There is no limit to what you can create. Children these days want manufactured lunchboxes like their friends, but if you've got a creative eye, you could make something a lot better! You can stencil your child's favorite superhero onto your lunchbox, and take your time over it, giving them something that they will be more than happy to show off to their friends.

Personalized lunchboxes are a great way for anybody to communicate a little bit of themselves, not to mention the fact that having a lunchbox that's so unique means that there is no chance of it being confused with somebody else's! Let your mind go free, do whatever you want, and don't forget to put your lunch in there!

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