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Fill Their Hearts (and Jewelry Boxes) with the Wonder of Plunder Design this Holiday Season + Plunder #Giveaway #MBPHGG18

Thank you to Amy Andrews for providing me with product for this post. All thoughts are my own.

When a girl gets to be my age and the holidays roll around, making a holiday wish list isn't as easy as it was years ago. It used to be that all I wanted were newfangled electronics, or whatever my friends thought that they might be getting... you know, so we all had the same things, and no one felt left out. As a thirty-five-year-old wife and mom, I have a few Christmases under my belt, and my wish list grows shorter each year. I have everything I need- the best gifts of all being the people that will my life with joy. If I had to choose a gift item to receive though, you'd better believe that jewelry would be at the top of my list!

It's so funny because I never thought I would be 'that girl' who was really into jewelry. The older I get, though, the more I love mixing and matching old pieces and new. You see, each of my jewelry pieces represents a part or time in my life, and help tell my story.

Plunder Design is a one of a kind jewelry company which is dedicated to helping women tell their stories. Plunder offers gorgeous and affordable jewelry for every woman, no matter her style. By layering their pieces or mixing and matching you're able to create a look as unique as you are.

I've been blessed to connect and work with Plunder Design Independent Rep, Amy Andrews this fall. I love working with wonderful women like Amy, and I've got to say, Amy is just the sweetest gal you could ever hope to meet or as in my case, 'e-meet.' Amy is passionate about life as a mom to four beautiful children. She homeschools her kids, which really has Amy earning Supermom status in my book! Not only is she devoted to her family, but Amy also loves helping women discover the joy of self-expression and confidence building through her personal Plunder Design business.

Plunder Design has styles every gal will love for the holidays!

Whether you're looking to amp up your holiday style game or you're looking for gorgeous and affordable jewelry to gift this holiday season, Plunder Design has what you're looking for. Their 2018 jewelry styles are on trend, and completely fabulous! I loved looking through the many gorgeous styles on Amy's Plunder Design website. I selected a few styles which spoke to me, and Amy made the final selection as to which items she sent to me. I was so excited to see which ones I'd be styling!

Every girl needs these earrings!

Shyla earrings ($18.00)

Okay, you want to hear something funny? I have never been a fan or large earrings or gold-tone jewelry until like, a year ago. I feel like I've been missing out for years, though! These amazing Shyla Earrings are my new favorites. I seriously cannot part with them... they are everything in my fall and winter wardrobe right now. When I think about all of the trending colors for fall and winter, gold and rose gold are it! This style combines both of those hot colors in one stunning leather teardrop earring. I love the size, love the color combo, and love the fact that they are virtually weightless to wear. I can hardly even feel them at all when I'm wearing them.

Don't forget your wrist bling!

A good bracelet can add flare or pull an outfit together.

I am a huge lover of leather cuffs and bracelets. I'm a pretty straight-laced and traditional girl when it comes to jewelry. I love classics like diamonds, birthstones, pearls, etc... but what do you get when you add in a leather bracelet? You get an edgier look, all your own. These types of bracelets look amazing by themselves as a featured star of the show, or stacked and layered with other bracelets you may already own. The Pippa bracelet is a new favorite of mine, as well. It's a stunningly simple yet cool 8" adjustable brown leather cuff. It looks amazing with a simply top, jeans, and your favorite fall or winter boots.

My best advice- don't be afraid to explore your personal style. Mix it up and see what you feel looks good. Notice I said- what you feel looks good. No magazine or Pinterest board can tell you what to wear- you know what you're comfortable wearing.

Leather is always eye-catching and looks great with just about anything, so these leather jewelry pieces by Plunder Design are perfect for my personal style story!

What's your story?

Plunder Design has a myriad of beautiful earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more! I'm in love with their fabulous statement pieces, and I have my eye on lots of earrings. As a mom to a toddler who loves to pull on jewelry, bracelets, and earrings are always my go-to pieces, and when I wear necklaces, I try to go with sturdy statement pieces that won't break if yanked on. 

Looking for rings, jewelry sets or special pieces for your little ones? Plunder Design has all of these! If you take a look at the website and feel a little overwhelmed by the selection, Amy is ready to advise you and help you place your order. Hey gentlemen, Amy can even help you pick out the perfect pieces for your leading lady! Don't let the holidays slip away without slipping a little Plunder under the tree or into her stocking.

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to Amy's Plunder Design website to shop directly. You can order straight from the website- no middleman, no waiting. You'll have your beautiful jewelry order in no time, and it'll be beautifully packaged and ready for holiday gifting.

Interested in becoming a hostess and earning amazing rewards (did someone say free jewelry?). Ask Amy how you can host your own Plunder party at home or online!

Ready to start your own business with Plunder Design? Amy can help get you started!

Be sure to join Amy's Gracefully Chic group on Facebook for the latest news on Plunder Designs, plus specials, giveaways, and more!

Want them? Win them!

One lucky MBP reader will win some amazing Plunder Designs jewelry from Amy!

Here's how to enter:
Join Amy's Gracefully Chic group on Facebook by December 10th to be entered to win!
Be sure to mention you're joining from Mommy's Block Party!
Amy will draw and notify the winner from her Gracefully Chic group!

Special thanks to Amy Andrews for allowing me to feature these beautiful pieces from Plunder Design for the holidays! I can't wait to show them off to family and friends, and do a little Plunder shopping of my own! Be sure to look for these pieces in our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

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