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Family Dinners

Growing up, the only day we absolutely ate dinner together was on Sundays. A big meal was served for dinner and the rest of the week was leftovers or you're on your own. Since my kids are still little and we don't have many evening commitments, we still eat dinner together. 

Since the weekends aren't always as scheduled or in a routine, sometimes we eat spaced out since the littles may need to eat earlier than the adults. I'm grateful for the time together and savor it as I know it won't always be the normal. 

I also look to the days where Jon and I can have any kind of conversation over dinner and actually hear each other. Between a 3 year old and 10 month old, it gets a little loud in our house. As I tell myself frequently, "It is just a phase..."

Do you eat dinner together as a family? 


  1. I think eating together is very important. That is they way I was raised and I still do it to this day.

  2. We always eat together. That's something my family rarely did when I was growing up. We probably only ate together during the holidays or a special occasion.
    Now, having my own family, we always sit at the table and eat together, and on rare occasions we lay out our picnic blanket on the floor and have little picnics in the house. Especially if it's been extra cold outside and we haven't got to get out much other than school. (The kiddos think that is the funnest thing ever). I just love sitting as a family and talking about things. I feel like it just brings you that much closer together as a family. :)

    1. The picnic idea is great! I think it is a good practice as well.


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