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My daughter will turn three in April, and most folks are hard-pressed to believe that my sweet girl is only two. As I was talking with some ladies at my church the other night, they were astounded by how well she communicates for being so little. I never really think a whole lot about it. She does speak well. Her dad and I know she does, and her brother is much the same. We're firm believers in speaking to our children as we would anyone else. We read, we sing, and we play- a lot.

Kids learn at different paces, which is completely natural. In our home, we try our best to place our focus on teaching our kids through play, conversation, etc. Part of what makes our efforts successful is having wonderful educational resources and tools in the home. A large part of learning and development in the toddler years is done through play. Pretend play is fun, not only for the little learners but for siblings and grown-ups, too.

One of my favorite toy companies is Battat Co. I fell in love with the brand when my son was in his toddler years. We had a lovely collection of Battat toys from cars and things that moved to toys that made music or aided our pretend play scenarios.

SING ALONG MICROPHONE: Your little one will love being under the spotlight as he rocks the pretend stage and he wows everyone that came to see him perform.

LIGHTS & SOUNDS: Everyone deserves their own light show! Simply turn the transparent ring to see it project beautiful flashing colors. Sway the mic to hear the crowd cheer!

5 CATCHY SONGS: Wow the crowd (that’s you mom) by singing along 5 pre-recorded songs including Itsy Bitsy Spider, Happy and You Know It, and many more.

BLUETOOTH: Connect to a smart device and hear your favorite music! Easily control the tempo and the volume for any songs.

VOICE CHANGER: Press the wacky face on the toy microphone to hear your voice go from loooow to high pitch! Hours of giggles and fun sound effects.

RECORD & PLAYBACK: Press on the REC button and start singing. Press STOP when you’re done performing and PLAY when you want to hear your amazing hit performance.

TINY HANDS FRIENDLY: Easy to hold unlock and open. Recommended for 3 years and up.

Your Aspiring Vet will Love this Set!

This sweet little Pet Carrier comes with everything your little one needs to care for their special new friend!

We can't have cats or dogs due to our allergies. It's such a bummer! The kids are always begging me for a dog, but in reality, it just isn't possible for us to have one live with us. My kiddos have both loved pretending to care for their stuffed furry friends, and this adorable little pet carrier comes with a cute white puppy, and everything needed to care for the pet. This is a wonderful way for little ones to learn a bit of responsibility while enjoying a fun new toy!

Pound & Roll, for ages 1+, $14.99 (Amazon)

Bean received her first toy like the pound and roll last Christmas. It was on a much smaller scale and she really has loved it very much! What I love about the new Pound and Roll toy from Battat, is that it's tall and colorful, and easy for little hands to play with. This toy is on Amazon's Holiday STEM Toy List this season, so it's definitely one to consider if you have a toddler!

Pound the 4 balls through the holes to see where they go! See them roll down the maze or the chute.
See the Star spin as the balls are rolling. Bright colors are uplifting and engaging.
Kid-sized balls are easy to “whack” down. Ergonomic grip on the hammer, perfect for little hands.
Removable base catches the balls. Remove the base to have them roll everywhere. Get baby crawling or walking!

Everything fits inside. Put it all away at the end of the day! Brilliant!
Learn about concepts like cause-and-effect; improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
The pound and roll toy from Battat is an early learning toy recommended for kids.

Any of these fun gifts would make amazing surprises for your little ones this Christmas! Battat has so many wonderful toys brands, and they roll out with new learning toys all the time. We can't wait to see that they'll bring to us next!

Want them? Get them?

Look for even more toys from Battat on their website. You can also find their brands and toys at Target and on Amazon.

Connect with Battat on Facebook.

Special thanks to Battat for allowing me to share about their wonderful toys this holiday season. Be sure to look for them in our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

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