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Diffuse Casually Combines Healthy Living With Beautiful Jewelry #mbphgg18

Thank you to Diffuse Casually for providing me with product to review. All thoughts shared below are my own. 

I'm relatively new to essential oils but they have piqued my interest for a few years. When I first saw the beautiful jewelry pieces by Diffuse Casually and learned they are designed with special beads that can be infused with essential oils, I could not wait to share this amazing company with my readers at Mommy's Block Party!

Whether you're an avid essential oil aficionado or perhaps you are relatively new to the entire idea (as am I!), you cannot deny the beauty and grace of Diffuse Casually jewelry. Here are just a few of the gorgeous pieces you can find on their website:

Get Grounded $19.95 Women's Bracelet
Root Chakra - Red | Often times we forget about the importance of exercise and rest. Ground yourself and embrace emotional well-being. Apply red essential oils like Ylang Ylang or Sandalwood for healing and stability.

Force and Fire $19.95 Men's Bracelet
Lava Bracelet with 4 Hematite Spacers | Hematite and lava go hand in hand. Hematite stone’s energy is earthy, and it is one of the best stones that you can use to harness the power of the element of earth to lend you strength and dispel negativity. Apply oils directly to lava beads like Peppermint, Frankincense and Lemon.

Be Strong $29.95 Women's Necklace 
Dress it up or down. This versatile piece offers a sense of style while embracing therapeutic healing. Tap into your Chakra by applying essential oils like Sage and Myrrh on the Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra points.

Simply Studded $14.95 Earrings 
Embrace the healing qualities of lava. Drop oils directly on the lava stone and allow the oils to soak into the skin. The absorption of oils near the ears and glands will help with reduction of inflammation or any pain in the area. Essential oils like Vetiver, Wintergreen, PainAway will be highly beneficial for reducing inflammation and pain.

I especially love the earrings and look forward to picking up a pair for myself and for a loved one in my life. I love the idea that the oils will be absorbed directly into my ear and neck area. I struggle with a lot of stiffness and pain in my neck. This has been an ongoing issue for most of my life. I was involved in quite a few car accidents in my childhood and young adulthood that greatly affected my neck. I look forward to seeing how these beautiful earrings can alleviate some of the pain and inflammation in these areas!

Diffuse Casually was kind enough to send me the "Mother and Daughter" bracelets as well as the "Kids" and they are even more beautiful in person than I could have imagined. They were even kind enough to include 4 essential oils in the package they sent. The quality of these bracelets is so very impressive. My mom and I are very close and she is a very hard working lady. She just turned 60 and puts her heart and soul into her career and her family! I am looking forward to blessing her life with this gift set and sharing with her in this experience. 

The child-sized bracelets are the perfect size for my sons! They love to wear jewelry and are going to especially love "smelling good" while wearing these stylish bracelets. As a mom, I will know the essential oils infused into the stones are not only helping my little guys to smell nice, but also providing very real benefits as well.

Arrive in style together. Keep fresh, calm and balanced by applying Orange and Eucalyptus to your bracelets and necklaces.
  • 1 8mm lava  and amethyst stone bracelet
  • 1 8mm lava stone and stainless steel chain bracelet
  • 1 6 mm lava and amethyst stone bracelet
  • 1 30 mm stainless steal pendant accompanied by a 20" stainless steal chain
  • 10 multicoloured refill felt pads
  • 1 10 ml bottle of100% Pure Orange Oil
  • 1 10 mL bottle of 100% Pure Eucalyptus Oil

Calm the kids right down by applying Lavender and Cedarwood to their lava stones.  Lavender and Cedarwood will help to relax, balance both physically and emotionally.
  • 1 6 mm bead lava and amazonite stone bracelet
  • 1 6 mm lava and turquoise stone bracelet
  • 1 6mm lava Sodalite  stone bracelet
  • 1 6 mm lava  and amethyst stone bracelet
  • 1 6 mm lava stone bracelet with 4  Hematite Spacers
  • 1 10 mL 100% Pure Lavender Oil
  • 1 10 mL 100% Pure Cedarwood Oil

If you've ever been curious about essential oils and the impact they can have upon your life, I encourage you to check out Diffuse Casually and experience essential oils in the most beautiful way! You will absolutely love these jewelry pieces as much as I do and I cannot wait for you to inhale your peace and exhale your joy as you embark upon this journey with me!

Want it? Get it!

You can order your Diffuse Casually jewelry items directly from their website and stay connected via their  Instagram and Facebook!

I appreciate so much the opportunity to review these beautiful pieces of jewelry and begin my essential oil journey to better health and wellness thanks to Diffuse Casually!


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