Children's Books to Put Under the Tree this Christmas from Candlewick Press #MBPHGG18

Thank you to Candlewick Press for the books. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Christmas is probably my favorite holiday. I love how holiday cheer spreads. I love all the traditions associated with it. I also love all the Christmas themed movies and books. Reading is an important activity in my home. I have read to both my boys since they were in my belly. I hope they always want to expand their worlds through books. Candlewick Press has some great selections, Christmas themed and not, for all ages perfect for gift giving this holiday season.  

 Started in 1992, Candlewick Press started as an independent children's publisher and remains an independent company today. It is unique in that 100 employees in the US, employees in the UK and AUS offices, as well as 150 authors and illustrators are part of the ownership structure. 

Candlewick Press is committed to high quality books, now ranging from board books, e-books, and high-end novelty to cutting-edge fiction. With a repertoire of over 3,000 children's books alone, Candlewick Press has a book for everyone and every age in your life. 

Where's Santa Claus? is a bright, colorful board book with felt flaps. The colors pull in my children and of course they love the flaps. I love all books designed to engage a child's curiosity even more and pull them more into the story. The felt flaps are great, too. If you have books with paper flaps, you know that they can be torn very easily. The felt flaps are soft and attached very well. 

Maverick also really loves the Christmas cloth book. It has some pages that make a crunch sound along with the bright colors and engaging story again. I really appreciate these books because Maverick can explore the book with no worry that he'll hurt himself with the pages. With so many cute books to choose from with planes, trains and automobiles, plus a fun consumer garage, I'm wondering which ones to share with my nephew!

My 3 year old absolutely loves dogs and animals in general so Good Rosie! and Into the Jungle were a big hit with him. The writing is exceptional and the illustrations are beautiful. As anyone knows, the pictures in stories also pull people into the story. Candlewick Press' books are high quality all around. I can't wait to check out what else they have to offer to buy the rest of my family members. A good book is always a well-received gift. 

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Where's Santa Claus?
Christmas cloth book
Good Rosie!
Into the Jungle

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