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Beat The Winter Blues With These 10 Colorful Decor Ideas

Matching the vibes of the season with your home décor could be the better idea for other seasons but in winter, it’s not. The coldness of the season will bring a dull vibe to your house, making it look lifeless. The colors across your house must be warm and vibrant so that they give a pleasant experience to the guests visiting your house. Now you wouldn’t have to worry about re-planning the entire décor of your house as I’ll be providing some easy to do ideas to rejuvenate the ambiance of your house, without having to put a load on your wallet. However, there are some splurge-worthy ideas which will also make some lavish changes to your home décor, choose them to enhance the warmth factor of your beautiful home. Continue reading to discover the ways to revamp your house.

Paint It
If there is anything that can change the vibe of your house without requiring any additional effort, it’s coloring your walls. To combat the winter blues, bright warm colors will be the best choice to paint your walls in. Think of a combination of lime and orange for your drawing room. Popping up bright colors by incorporating them in your rooms can liven the atmosphere of the cold climate. Colors like hot pink, bright red, green and purple could make a good choice for your pallet or you can opt for 3d wall panels.
Make a point of using a maximum of two colors in one room as it maintains the required balance for pleasantness.

If coloring the walls isn’t your choice of decorating, using some furniture with bright colors coated over them must be your priority. Take, for example, a light blue colored room. Adding an orange desk with some orange decorating articles like flower vase could bring the vibe of orange in the cold background of blue color. Ensure that all the furniture or decorative pieces are of one bright color as this will make your room look well planned.
For the sofa in your drawing room, cover them with some bright covers instead of purchasing an entire set. Place some patterned blankets and cushions for a comfortable feel to your room.
Open Space
This is the most important part of lighting up your house in warm tones. Make sure that there is enough access to sunlight in all of your rooms. If that does not seem possible, use colored lights to create the pseudo ambiance of sunlight. Except for your bedroom, all the rooms must have access to proper sunlight. This is because the bright tones will inject a sense of enthusiasm in the bedroom, making it less comfortable for sleeping.

This plays an important part in balancing your room décor. Have you ever experienced that in dark rooms you tend to feel a lot more sleepy as compared to the well-lighted rooms? This is because the lights induce a sense of awareness in your brain, making you travel in the state of awareness. Similarly, such a bright environment can induce a sense of warmth and comfort in a cold climate like that of winters. Place some small light bulbs around your furniture or cover your bookshelf with string lights. This will make your room vibrant while giving the required warmth to fade away the winter blues. We are sure you’ll love it!
Plants and Flowers
Nothing could ever change the atmosphere of the room dramatically except for some plants and flowers. But you would step back from reading this part as the effort required to maintain them is nerve-wracking. We understand that, which is why artificial plants and flowers would be the best choice for your decoration. They provide all the benefits and vibrancy of the original flowers plus, you don’t have to maintain them. No pain of watering them every morning or checking if the plants have gone dry. Isn’t it a great idea? They would provide the warmth and calmness to your eyes while maintaining the beauty of your room. The fullness of the winter blues will be combated by the brightness of the green plants. You can decorate your front porch with some outdoor plants that provide UV protection. This is to ensure that no harmful rays of the sun damage your artificial plants.
Bring in some colorful flowers to decorate the vibes of your room. Anyone who enters your house will be blown by the colorful flowers pleasing their eyes. This is a wonderful choice to decorate your house with, as you wouldn’t have to take the effort of painting your walls or buying new furniture. Imagine your room with some bright colored vases, filled with colorful flowers. Doesn’t it bring a sense of energy and pleasantness to your eyes? That is the reason, we insist you buy some beautiful artificial flowers and plants so that your house looks well decorated and bright. You must ensure that the color of the vase is in sync with the color of the flowers that you place in them as wrong color combinations could result in a sense of irritation to the eyes that see them. If you plan of taking vases of the same color throughout your house, you must choose some transparent vase as the color of the flower would be the only point of attention in that case.
Hanging a wreath on your front door isn’t a tradition to be followed only on holidays, you can do that for changing the vibe of the winter season. The leaves hanging on the front door will make your guests feel warm at the entrance, ultimately making you the best decorator in their eyes.

Follow these ways to bring the brightness of colors in your house despite the dull climate of the winter season. Add some comfortable blankets and cushions on your sofas and tables to make your guests feel cozy and don’t forget to light up your fireplace because your guests will need them. Happy winters!

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