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7 Steps To A Luxurious Kitchen For Less

Why is the kitchen such a pain point in the home? Perhaps it’s because the kitchen is no longer just a room for cooking, it’s evolved to suit a society fixated on multitasking. We rarely just cook alone, we have children to tend to who want to help, we want to have coffee chats at the dining room table, we want to be present in entertaining our guests while preparing a meal and we want to work at the breakfast bar. The kitchen has progressed to combine multiple tasks beyond the frying pan and endless washing to other crucial aspects of our lives.

Being in the kitchen isn’t a choice, it’s a desire to be in a place that has so many diverse on tap functions. This is why tie and effort should be spent on making this room somewhere you and your family adore to be, one which is designed to provide daily functions but creates an impressive atmosphere you enjoy being a part of or inviting your guests into,

Unfortunately,  what should be one of the most pleasant areas of your home may not be living up to your expectations. Scrolling through Instagram and glossy home magazines, you are most likely in awe of other people's beautiful kitchen areas and assume this has been achieved as a result of a considerable expense. Gladly, this isn’t necessarily true. Below are the tips and tricks for making your kitchen look more expensive, without resorting to a drastic renovation that costs you the earth. A kitchen remodeling company can bring about a lot of overwhelming decisions to make, but we are here to help.

Work Tops

Perhaps one of the most important aspects holding your kitchen back from presenting luxurious appeal is the tired worktops. The good news about just changing the surfaces means you can spend a little more money on the tops that you would have spent on having to renovate the entire kitchen. Opt for luxurious surfaces such as marble and granite. You can source worktops of this luxurious quality from world stone group, to provide your kitchen an expensive look with a durable surface which will last throughout the years.


You can never have too much light in the kitchen, lighting sets the mood for different occasions and ambiance. Spoil your kitchen with under cabinet lighting, which can be purchased at a reasonable price and installed by you with ease, this will create an incredible effect as it reflects off your marble surfaces. Above the breakfast bar and or dining table, choose to hang detailed crystal pendant lights as a centerpiece to present sophistication and highlight the areas for entertaining. Lighting provides the necessary details to add a touch of sparkle and glamour to any kitchen, instantly changing the feel of the space from average to an area with wow-factor.


In terms of choosing cupboard doors, either a shaker kitchen cupboard or a minimalist clean cut handleless design is advised. The shaker kitchen cupboards detailing provide a grand appearance well suited to marble worktops. Whereas minimal clean cut cupboards with a high gloss finish shall emulate a modern futuristic appeal. Both of which work in harmony with a few splashes of intricate lighting as detailed above.

Further to this, using a two-tone is a popular option to present a sense of extravagance in the kitchen. For instance, you could choose to paint the kitchen island a separate color to the kitchen cupboards. For the island, you may opt for a mahogany effect, and the surrounding cabinets could be a subtle backdrop of white, this adds depth and interest. Also, if you are thinking about replacing your kitchen cupboards, consider replacing some of the doors with the window effect cabinets and team these up with indoor cabinet lighting. This will create a spectacular luxurious appeal to your kitchen. Although please note, these cupboards are mainly used for staging decorative items, glasses, and your best crockery.


The handles attached to your cupboard doors and the faucets that grace your sink are the touches that help to transition any kitchen to something with a little more luxury. At a cost-effective price, you can change these parts of your kitchen if your existing hardware doesn’t quite fit some of the changes you’ve installed above, or perhaps they’re merely looking a little tired and worn. From tall faucets in polished chrome or traditional faucets in brushed steel, ensure the hardware matches the style of your kitchen to prevent an eyesore of the mismatched interior.

Wall Colors

Outdated and loud colors that dawn the wall will not help towards the quest to make a kitchen that satisfies and impresses the eyes. You must rid of overbearing wall colors and opt for a light array of hues to compliment, not overthrow your kitchen furnishings such as the cupboards and worktops. For example, for an all-white shaker kitchen, with a light grey marble work surface, you could choose a pale olive to add a hint of color without presenting as too overwhelming. What tends to couple up with the feeling of luxury is space, which is why a lighter color scheme will enable you to create the illusion your kitchen is far more significant than it is.

Window Treatment

As mentioned above lighting is your kitchens best friend in helping to set the tone of the room you wish to replicate. One of which you should use to your advantage is daylight. By maximizing any natural light your kitchen is blessed with, refrain from blocking the windows with unnecessary ornaments, curtains, and dark blinds. As beauty is a staple in luxury, If your window features a picturesque setting, this should also be maximized not hidden to provide a visually pleasing view.


Clutter is a no go if you are wanting to replicate luxury in the kitchen. However, a few carefully selected pieces can add an impact to your kitchen to prevent it from appearing too clinical. For instance, this could be copper accessories such as a clock and copper-trimmed cooking equipment such as a kettle and toaster. Furthermore, an obvious step to luxury is by using art to add personality and depth to a room beyond its kitchen functionality. For pieces that appear expensive, opt for abstract or surreal art and use beautiful painting to your advantage in order to leverage the aesthetics of our kitchen. For instance, within an almost entirely white kitchen, this could mean purchasing a large canvas with shades of royal blue and sprites of bright gold.

If a luxurious kitchen is what you desire without renovating the entire room, the above samples provide you with ideas big and small to improve the heart of your home and make an impact. On your quest for a kitchen that oozes class refrain, from rushing ideas to the action phase and experiment with different color palettes in your kitchen area to ensure the color sits well throughout the day under natural and artificial light. With each component you add to create your luxury kitchen, you should feel a sense of pleasure and pride in creating your heart of the home masterpiece. If your feelings are any less than this, you are most likely not choosing the right pieces.

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