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10 Effective Ways To Counter Die-Off Symptoms

Battling a parasite is never easy as there are several challenges. From getting a timely diagnosis to finding the right treatment and overcoming die-off symptoms, every step takes its toll. Die off, scientifically known as Herxheimer reaction, refers to the condition when the dying parasites release toxins which overwhelm the body and cause a series of reactions. It is important to be aware of the condition and know what to expect before starting your treatment. Before talking about countering die-off, let us give you an overview of the condition and all that you can expect while taking a parasite detox.

What causes die off?
Primarily, your efforts to kill the parasites cause die off because this is the way they react to these efforts. It may happen when you change your dietary pattern, switching from unhealthy foods to a detox diet that provides zero nourishment to the parasites and they start dying. Similarly, intake of probiotic foods or supplements may be another reason for pathogens being killed. Another reason could be a medical or antibiotic treatment that you may have started to get rid of parasites. Whichever way you do it, die-offs can be unpleasant to deal with but still have to be handled.
Die-off symptoms you should watch out for
Whether you opt for an antibiotic treatment or herbal remedies, detox can be tough because of the die-off symptoms you may experience. Here are some symptoms that people usually experience, though they may vary from person to person:
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness and headaches
  • Bloating
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Muscle or joint pains
  • Brain fog
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Skin breakouts
  • Sinus infections
When you take a detox for parasites, you will feel that your body is investing some extra efforts to get rid of the toxins. The duration of these symptoms when parasites in your body die off also varies from one person to another. Typically, they may last anywhere between 3-7 days and their severity during this period may vary depending on the treatment you are taking.
Effective steps to counter die-off symptoms
Now that you are aware of the symptoms that you can expect during this phase, you would want to know the best ways to counter them. The focus should be on getting rid of the toxins, which can be done by stimulating the lymphatic system, increasing the blood circulation and just sweating it out. Here are some tips to beat die off symptoms.
Take detox baths: Perhaps, the easiest thing to do is to take a nice detox bath because it will get your stress out as well. Try Epsom salt and an essential oil of your choice for best results.
Exercise: Since sweating out has been listed as the key element of an anti-die-off strategy, make sure that you exercise every day to get those toxins out. You will probably end up losing weight and looking good too.
Visit a sauna: If you are not keen about sweating it out in the gym or on the jogging track, make regular visits to the sauna. A few minutes there will boost your circulation and help you sweat out the toxins.
Get a massage: Massages are an excellent way to stimulate your lymphatic and circulatory systems. A professional massage done right can dislodge the toxins from the muscle fibers and cells and speed up their elimination from your body.
Try dry brushing: Another natural remedy to ease the passage of toxins after die-off is by dry brushing. This therapy also activates blood circulation and promotes the release of toxic chemicals.
See an acupuncturist: Acupuncture works wonders as an alternative therapy to treat the side effects of parasitic die off. It encourages the organs to eliminate the toxins on their own.
Drink plenty of water: Water is the key to healthy detox as it accelerates the process of elimination of wastes from the body. Drink plenty of water and you will notice alleviation in the symptoms.
Do yoga and meditation: staying calm is an important part of any detox program. Practice yoga, meditation, and deep breathing and you will be able to handle things better.
Avoid getting constipation: Besides sweat and urine, toxins will get eliminated through your bowel. Make sure that you never get constipated while following a treatment plan.
Stick to it religiously: Even if you find it hard to cope with the die-off symptoms, make sure that you stick to the plan religiously.

Hard as they may be to bear, these symptoms are a small price to pay considering that you will regain your health after the parasites and toxins are removed. Just follow these tips and things will get easier for you!

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