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You Can Save Hundreds Each Year By Switching Your Bulbs To BFranklin LED #MBPHGG18

I partnered with BFranklin Home on this sponsored post. 

Great lighting can change the entire atmosphere of a living space. Harsh lighting can cause headaches or eye strain while warm, soft light actually promotes an inviting environment. BFranklin Home has developed a "Try Light Kit" which enables you to try out many different LED lights at home, risk-free for 30 days.

BFranklin is a company that sheds "new light" on the way you illuminate your home or office. They are offering a light kit that can be mailed to you at no charge so that you can experience the LED difference in your home. 

LED lights are energy efficient bulbs that light up immediately, last for decades and use a fraction of the electricity that traditional bulbs require. 

80% of Americans are actually unhappy with the lighting inside of their home. It may seem like an insignificant thing to worry about, but in actuality, it can be crucial to your electric bill! BFranklin LED bulbs can save on average $300-500/year! That is a huge saving and can be achieved by simply replacing light bulbs. 

You can try this light kit at home, free for 30 days. Simply return the kit within 30 days with a pre-paid shipping label that is provided. Once you discover which bulbs you need and love from the kit, visit the website to place your order.  The bulbs provide warm, white light. If you do not receive a light that you need in your kit, keep in mind you can peruse the website to see the entire line of bulbs offered. 

In each kit there are 12 bulbs and 2 socket adapters. When you receive the kit, simply choose a room to replace the bulbs with similar looking bulbs from your kit. Turn the electricity in that room off and wait for the old bulb to be cool enough to touch before removing it. Fit the new LED bulb to the light fixture and start enjoying your light! 

Changing the lighting in your home can actually improve your mood and productivity! Why not make a simple change to create an environment that is welcoming and peaceful? 

Some important points to note about BFranklin LED bulbs:

They are cool to the touch. 
Create savings of $300-500/year.
Do not contain mercury (like CFL bulbs).
Can be used with dimmer switches. 
Last 20+ years.


Try out your free light kit and start enjoying the space you're in. Remember to simply return the kit with the prepaid label provided and hop over to place your order on the website when you discover the bulbs you want. You can visit their website to explore the different types of LED lights that are offered. Bulbs average $3-$6 per bulb. This is incredibly affordable when purchasing light bulbs that will last decades!

Check out BFranklin on Facebook and Twitter to stay informed and read all about their amazing LED bulbs. 
    Thanks to BFranklin for partnering with me on this sponsored post. 

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