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What's the Best Book You've Read Lately?

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For me, this is my favorite book I've read in awhile. As an educator and parent, I love the perspective of nature and nurture in different countries.
A friend recommended this book to me since she knew I taught. I take my kids outdoors even when it's cold or gray because they like being outside and, it turns out, that is good for them. The whole educational system across the pond also seems to be much improved from all of our testing here, but that's my opinion.

There's No Such Thing As Bad Weather is an easy read and very interesting. 

If you've read it, I'd love to know your thoughts. 

I'd also like more recommendations. What's a favorite book you've read recently?


  1. I wish I could balance my time better to read more. This seems like a book I would be interested in, so I am going to have to check if it's available at my library.

    1. I find the same to be true in my life, but I decided I would try to read a chapter or two a day, either during naps, play time, or before bed. It helps me mentally to read something besides a board book every once in a while :) If it isn't available at your library, try to request they purchase it. Our library does this and it is wonderful.


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