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Weekends with the Wigglesworths-The Weekend Before Eleven!

Happy Saturday, friends! The weekend is officially here, although ours started yesterday with our first snow day of this school year. D is at her science program and Matt, R, and I are taking advantage of the fact that she is not here to be a little *sneaky*.

We have to be sneaky today because D's birthday is on Monday. We'll have an 11-year-old on our hands in just two days and we need to be prepared with gifts. R has been talking pretty much non-stop about what she'd like to get for her and I have a few gift ideas as well, so we're window shopping online to make sure our local stores have these gifts in stock before heading out. 

You might think D would be over the moon about her birthday, and you'd be right. She's been counting down the days since we flipped the calendar to November. R is also really excited about her sister's birthday, which makes my heart so happy. They really have such a sweet bond.

We don't have too much else planned for the weekend. We are trying to take it as easy as possible since we'll be running around plenty next week because of the holiday. It's going to be such a full week! 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

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