Ways In Which Single Parents May Thrive In This High Cost And Competitive Environment

If you are a single parent, there is no reason to believe or sulk thinking that you will have to live your entire life now in poverty. There is also no reason to believe that your child will be left uneducated or suffer from ill health due to lack of food. Though it is a very common belief that single parents are found increasingly struggling with debt, but then who does not? There are lots of ways in which you can thrive in this competitive environment. You will be able to meet with all demands such as food, clothing, shelter, health insurance and education.

Approach for debt advice
If you are struggling with your debt, the first thing you should do is seek professional counsel from an expert. When you meet with an advisor you will know that you are not alone out there. Most of the single parents carry a debt in excess of ten thousand dollars and even more can come out of it successfully with a little bit of planning and diligence.
  • You will also come to know that most of the single parents live in a rented accommodation and also a major part of them are employed part-time. It is for this reason that most of the single parents are found struggling with debt and high-cost credit taken out with doorstep lenders and catalogs.
  • According to study reports, 33% of single parents are more likely to have catalog debts and about 42% of them have home credit. It is, therefore, impossible for any average single parent to have any amount of money left to save after paying their monthly bills and daily expenses. Invariably their debts never get cleared.
This means they face a daily battle from sunrise to sundown having to cope up with the pressure of earning enough money to raise their children alone.
Better safety nets required
In such a situation, it goes without saying that a better safety net is required for the single parents when they hit the wall of problems so that they do not have to resort to these high-interest loans offered by the doorstep lenders. These safety nets will prevent them from falling into the debt hole.
The governments of different countries have now announced different grants and benefits to support the single parents especially the low-income groups financially. This is seen as a welcome move by experts and critics but there are a few other areas of serious concern. The job seems to be far from done and the matters seem far from been resolved. Therefore, before logging onto nationaldebtreliefprograms.com there are a few things that you should know to make an informed decision.
  • According to study reports, one out of every five single parents in 2013 incurred loss every month since the benefit reforms were introduced.
  • It is also seen that nine out of ten single parents were forced to cut their spending short especially on food and children clothing as other expenses such as utility and energy bills cannot be reduced be a great extent.
  • It was even found that two-thirds of lone parents usually skip their meals and live on a toast simply to ensure that their children have enough to eat.
All these stats and data may seem alarming and disheartening but actually, there is nothing to be so disillusioned.
Steps to follow
You may not have a number of positive media messages to encourage you as a single parent but there are unique ways to thrive successfully and build incredible lives for you and your family. Follow these rules diligently to become a wealthy single parent:
  • Take full responsibility for your life and its quality. As a parent, it is your legal and moral responsibility to raise your children both financially and logistically. Focus on the things that you can control and do not let others control your powers.
  • Consider earning to your fullest potential as under-earning will not help you much even if you get and qualify for more alimony and child support. As for a single father, you should not under earn simply to reduce or avoid paying child support or alimony.
  • Never give up on your mental peace and comfort and if you are romantic live your life to its fullest. Make sure you get all that you deserve and crave and do not be ashamed of it only because you are a parent.
  • If you have to make any professional decision make sure that you do not make it as a single parent when you face with an opportunity to build your career that will empower you ore enable you to earn more. Always go for the thing you crave it as that will benefit you and your children in countless ways. They will have an energized parent and you will set an invaluable example for your children to know that everything is possible if you want.
  • Prioritizing self-care goes without saying. Do not believe in common beliefs that single parents are worn out and harried. Stay fit and healthy so that you can work more and your children also take you up as their example. Exercise every day and spend some time every week with people you love. Invest time in your hobbies and also volunteer for work that satisfies you. You will make a better person and have a lot more to give to your children.
  • Build a proper network so that you and your children never feel left out or ostracized from society. Give them and have the warmth of a close and loving circle of people who are supportive and caring for you and for your children.

Reach out to people and humble yourself to accept help. Mention what you need and be open to receive it and be grateful and plan for your retirement. You too can be a wealthy single parent just as several others with a few strategic and a bit hard steps to follow, but then being a parent and a responsible one is never easy.

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