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Say Goodbye to Spoiled Wine Thanks to the ZOS Wine Saver Kit #MBPHGG18

Thank you to ZOS for providing me with product in exchange for my review. All thoughts shared are my own.

I'm dreaming of a wine Christmas! Okay, I know those aren't the words to one of my favorite Christmas songs, but in all honesty, I really am dreaming of a wine Christmas! When you get to be an adult, and you have everything you need, it can be hard to come up with a holiday wish list for family members. I recently told my sister that I wanted 'wine mom stuff,' and she just laughed and said, 'you would.' I've really come to enjoy different varieties of wine throughout the past few years, so wine gifts are a-okay with me!

Wine can and does become stale over time, though. My husband thinks I'm so funny when I tell him that I need to open a fresh bottle of wine, rather than drink the bottom of a  bottle that's been opened and sitting around for a few days. 'It's wine- it doesn't go stale,' he's always quick to tell me. I know better, though! When wine is opened, it is immediately exposed to air and begins to oxidize and change taste within a couple hours and spoil within a day or two. By inserting the ZOS Halo wine stopper and oxygen-absorbing cartridge into the bottle, wine drinkers can now enjoy their wine one glass at a time.  

 ZOS is the only wine saver that eliminates 100% of the oxygen that can spoil wine.  Simply insert ZOS into an open bottle of wine and the cartridge immediately begins to absorb the oxygen preserving the remaining contents within minutes. ZOS fits into most 750ml bottles of wine and cartridges last for up to 10 bottles depending on oxygen exposure. The ZOS wine saver kit includes an easy to use wine stopper with a patented, non-toxic oxygen-absorbing cartridge and electronic tester cartridge tester that tells you within seconds if the cartridge is still good or needs to be replaced, as well as a storage case.
Price: $74.95

ZOS is such a cool and useful gift for any wine lover. Not only am I loving the ZOS, I'm planning on gifting one to my dad, who also loves to enjoy wine. It's the perfect holiday gift for the grownups on your list!

Want it? Get it!

You can purchase the ZOS on Amazon just in time for your holiday parties or for holiday gifting!
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Special thanks to ZOS for allowing me to share about their amazing wine saver this holiday season. Be sure to look for it in our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

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