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Prevent the spread of germs by using Klean Grips for your shopping trips #MBPHGG18

Thank you Klean Grips for providing me with this unique and safe way to take my family shopping. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Going to the grocery store is a chore of its own, but having to worry about not leaving with more than you went for is another task altogether. You trust that the store will keep the sanitation cloths stocks so that you can pull a couple out, clean off your cart and go no with your trip, but unfortunately, that is not always the case. I have had one too many run in's with an empty sanitation container and cringe at the thought of having to touch those dirty shopping cart handles.

This holiday season we can leave the spooks out of our daily task and enjoy clean, germ-free adventures.

Klean Grips ships right to you in a convenient folded V shape which is also a great size to fit right into your purse. It is made up of an anti-microbial material that easily fits over the shopping cart handle and serves as a barrier between that handle and your hands. I find that this is ideal for families with babies and toddlers who sit in the cart. 

An up-close view can show that the cover does not fit the whole handle, but does cover where your and your child's hands will go. It is made up of a thick rubber material that latches on to where you put it, this means that it will not slide side to side and you must center it as you put it into place. The feeling very much resembles the grips on the handles of a bike. 
Before I put my Klean Grip on the shopping cart, I grabbed a few of those sanitation cloths next to the carts and thoroughly cleaned the handle. 

I flipped the Klean Grip cover around to show that it does not fully cover handle. I find that this is not an issue since the open area is facing down under the handle when used properly. My fingertips did touch the handle due to this open space but again, I had already cleaned it so I was not concerned about the contact. 

Overall, I think that Klean Grips is an awesome choice for busy parents on the go because they can put it in place and not worry if their little one grabs or chews on the handle. However, as a mother of older children who do not sit in the shopping cart, I found this to be an unnecessary step in my shopping adventure. I already cleaned the handle so I feel that my hands are protected, and the cover is just something else for me to take back and forth to the store. If I simply wanted the comfort of that extra barrier or had small children, I would definitely use and recommend this product for every shopping trip because no matter how many times I cleaned that handle, I would not want my child's mouth on it. 

Want it? Get it!

Visit Kleangrips.com and discover the many benefits of protecting your little ones from the germs that others leave behind. Connect with them on Facebook for more ideas and information. 

A very special thanks to Klean Grips for allowing me to review and share my experience with their wonderful germ-fighting product. 


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