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Marathon Man- A Year in the Making

I believe people come into your life for a reason. Sometimes it's to teach you and sometimes it's for you to find inspiration. In the last year my husband has found so many ways to inspire me. His biggest inspiration to me was running a marathon.

In honor of our friend Drew, Chris has been training for a year to run the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) in Washington DC.  In the past year, Chris has been training for this run and has hit some roadblocks only to persevere because of his strong belief that Drew is with him.
Chris was so excited to get his bib with his running number on it.
I have to say, I would still be running this 26.2 mile course a week later, but Chris made everyone proud by completing the course and still keeping a smile on his face.
Before the race Chris is being his goofy self.  Mind you it is only quarter to five in the morning waiting on the taxi to take him to the checkpoint for the bus drop off to get to the race.
He came back a finisher in the MCM. In one year he has found motivation to change his life for the better.  It started with the loss of a good friend and while that pain will never go away the support of this person inspired Chris.

Who inspires you?  What changes will you make to be the best you?

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