Making Memories- Make every day a Memory

My favorite Facebook feature is this day in history.  It reminds me of the places I have been and the places I have wished to go.  I see the time I have spent with my loved ones and realize that everyday is a memory that needs to be savored.
Pictures are a great way to keep your memories live with you.  They also make for showing someone you care about them by creating an album or scrapbook detailing these everyday occurrences.  In this day and age it isn't all about stopping to smell the roses- it's about stopping to make a memory.

There is so many things that we see in our lives and most of us always have our cellphones with us all the time.  Stop and take the pictures.  Life goes by too quickly to have regret of missing the opportunity to stop.  

Share your favorite picture with us in the comments and tell the story that surrounds it. I will do the same.

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