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Make Sure Your Water Clean Year Round with SafeHome EnviroTestKits #MBPHGG18

Thank you to EnviroTestKits for the product. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

We take for granted that we have water ready at the tap. I had never thought about the quality of my water until I was pregnant with Hendrix. Since we are on a well, I wanted to get the water tested just to make sure nothing was awry. I asked around for the best place to make that happen, retrieved a sanitized bottle, filled it with water, and returned it to the testing place. I'm glad I got the water tested for peace of mind. Thanks to EnviroTestKits and SafeHome, you can test your own water at home. 
One of North America's largest environmental laboratories, EnviroTestKits of ELI based in Madison, Indiana is dedicated to improving peoples' lives through science. With over 150 years of experience and building a trusted name in the market, EnviroTestKits provides user friendly and effective water testing kits people can use at home.

The kits are so simple to use:

  • test the water
  • put the water back into the box
  • mail the box
  • the lab runs tests
  • if there are contaminants in the water, the lab provides solutions and resources to help you address the issue

The test results are sent when promised or SafeHome sends you another one for free. The customer service is next to none and the test provides you with peace of mind when it comes to the water for your family. 

The cheaper tests at home to simply detect bacteria are super easy. They come sealed. You put in water and shake it. If it turns yellow, you're clear and if it turns green, there is something in it.

I really love this product for a variety, but one is the convenience. For those with multiple littles, it can be challenging to take them out to run certain errands. SafeHome's solution to bring the tests to the homeowner, but have the tests professionally evaluated is perfect. 

Want it? Buy it!

There are three EnviroTestKit options: 


EPA Certified Laboratory Testing for Contaminants and DIY Bacteria Testing
Test for Metals, In-Organics, Physical Properties and Organics.

EPA Certified Laboratory Testing for Contaminants and Bacteria
Test for Metals, In-Organics, Physical Properties, Organics and Bacteria.

Do-It-Yourself Bacteria Test Kits
Tests Specifically for Bacteria in Your Drinking Water.

To make purchasing a kit even better, with each purchase of a kit, SafeHome offers financial support to a variety of organizations for clean water initiatives. 

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A gift that also gives back!

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