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How to Design a Creative Custom Mailbox for Your Home

Most people invest time, effort and money into creating their ideal home, choosing the perfect drapes to complement the color scheme, and picking out furniture which suits their space and lifestyle; even the floors get a lot of thought in many cases as you decide between carpeting or bare boards, but what about your outside space?

While the yard is likely to get some attention there’s no reason why you can’t take things further and have the exterior of your home reflect your taste and personality just as much as the interior does.

One easy way to do this is to replace your standard mailbox with a custom version, which you may even choose to design yourself. (Don’t panic, you don’t need to be an expert.) If this idea appeals to keep reading for some tips and advice on how you could go about designing a creative custom mailbox that is perfect for your home.

Decide on a theme
If you live alone then you get the first and last say on what kind of custom design mailbox you would like, but if not it’s worth having a discussion with other family members to hear their ideas and suggestions.

This is your opportunity to make a statement, to show the world a little of what makes you tick – as an individual, couple or family unit. Do keep in mind that you ideally want to strike a balance between creating something unique and personal without upsetting the neighbors by erecting something too wacky or out of place.

Look online for inspiration
Websites like Pinterest are a good place to look for ideas, whether you have already decided on a theme or not. Custom designed mailboxes can range from quirky ideas like those which reflect the state you live in – think full-size cowboys for Texas, or be as simple as a standard mailbox with a meaningful quote on it.

It’s almost impossible to not find something that you could adapt for yourself.

Face the practicalities
If you or someone you know has the skills (and inclination) to bring your creative mailbox design ideas to life then it’s simply a matter of buying the materials needed and either having a go yourself – there are lots of online video tutorials you can watch for free – or leaving someone else to it, but what if this isn’t an option?

In that case, you could either keep things very low key, say by painting the stand and using some weatherproof stickers and varnish to customize an existing mailbox or harness any design skills you have to work with a professional who can bring them to life. In some cases, they may also even be able to create the entire mailbox for you.

However you get there, designing creative custom mailboxes for your home is a fun and meaningful thing to do, so have fun and enjoy showing off the end result.

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