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Holiday Crowds- Working through your Anxiety

I have anxiety when crowded. I am not sure when it started, but it is a relatively new thing for me.  I get angry or very frustrated when I am shopping anywhere and I cannot get away from a crowd.  The holidays seem to add to this anxiety because there never seems to be a time to go to the store and it will not be crowded. 
I am the type of person that feels guilty for shopping online as I feel it contributes to the demise of brick and mortar stores and I wonder what the future will hold for these stores if we continue to shop online.  This year is the first year without Toys R Us and I wonder where all the toys will come from.  It may sound silly but I feel like a part of my childhood left when they closed.  So now I have to deal with my anxiety in going to a store that is crowded with people.  Some of these people are anxious, some are just there to score the best deals, and others just rush to get through the crowds but cannot.  This is chaos to me. If this is something you semi-enjoy, but also makes you a bit nervous, CBD products might just be the thing to help. I keep vegan gummies on hand, and consume one before entering any crowded situation. I do find that it offers a fast calming relief. It's also very helpful for anyone who may be going through various changes in their lives.

How do I work through the anxiety?
Google maps will include directions as well as peak shopping hours for most stores.  Even if you know where the store is, it is important to understand when to avoid going to them.  Stores like Walmart, Target, CVS, and some others are now allowing for in store pickup right from the car.  You can order your items online and a personal shopper goes and picks up the things you want and loads them out to your car.  I can see myself using this feature this year. Ordering online can have bonuses such as taking some of your purchase cost and using it to donate to charities of your choice.  

From this anxious mom to any others out there- The holidays do not have to bring on anxiety.  Don't try to get all the holiday shopping done in one day.  Break up the days so you don't expose yourself to what triggers your anxiety.  Go with someone that has the power to keep you calm when you may otherwise be too overwhelmed to be.  

How do you work through your anxiety during the holidays?


  1. I shop online (Amazon usually) and use in store pick up when I can. I actually have to pick something up this week that I ordered from Walmart.

  2. Me too! Especially at Walmart. Which is why I avoid it. I shop online as much as possible or early/late in the day.

    1. If you have the option have them bring it to you in the car for store pick up. I think this is a great feature. I can get what I need without getting worked up.


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