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Give Back this Holiday Season with Gifts from Nomi Network #MBPHGG18

Thank you to Nomi Network. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Nomi Network works to create economic opportunities for women who are at risk for human trafficking and women who are survivors. The vision is for all women to be free of slavery and live to their potential. This organization is great because there are so many ways to be involved: volunteer your time and skills, sponsor a woman in her path to become financially stable, or purchase items from the shop. Make the holidays even more important by giving back to a worthy cause.
I love the holidays. Something about the extra special family time, amazing meals, and celebrations that make my heart so happy in the cold winter months. I'm not always great at choosing the right gift, but I'm getting better. I try to find unique gifts for my loved ones. When I initially read about Nomi Network, I had to find out more.

Human trafficking is a real problem, enslaving 46 million people to the tune of $150 billion dollars every year. 

This statistic is horrifying for a variety of reasons. As we sit in our comfortable, warm homes, we don't always think about those who are struggling down the street, in a neighboring town, or around the world. Now that Hendrix is getting older and understanding more, I want him to see that we also give back because we are so very lucky. 

Want it? Buy it!

The bag I received is the Slogan Zip Tote that runs $30. If you don't need a bag, but are interested in what they have to offer, check out all the bracelets, clutches, backpacks, pillows, and more. It is truly a worthwhile endeavor to support Nomi Network and its mission. 

Gift a present that gives back this holiday season. 

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