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Forget the Bling, Get This Ring Instead!-GrooveLife Silicone Rings #MBPHGG18

Thank you to Groove Life for providing me with product in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions shared below are my own.

Matt and I have been married for 16 years, but we haven't worn our wedding rings for more than half of that time. No, it's not our way to scoff at tradition, we actually don't wear them for a reason. Well, two reasons, really- my rings (engagement and wedding band) don't fit my fingers anymore and in his line of work, it isn't safe for Matt to wear his wedding band. We'd been talking for a while about alternatives, but it seemed like there weren't too many great choices out there until we found out about GrooveLife!

GrooveLife was launched in 2016. Peter Goodwin, the founder of the company, was looking to wear a ring that not only showed his commitment to his family but also met the demands of his work as an Alaskan guide and wilderness lodge owner, so he created one. 
 Matt and I don't have jobs with similar demands to that of an Alaskan guide and wilderness lodge owner, but we could definitely relate to wanting rings that showed (our) commitment and would be safe to wear, meeting the demands of the jobs we do have. 

We received a total of 4 rings (2 each) and we loved them right away. Each ring came in its own little tin case, which I found out later can be personalized, and had these funky little patterns along with the logo etched inside. 

Matt's rings- "Groove Original Silicone Ring" in Moss Green and Deep Stone Gray

My rings- "Groove Thin Silicone Ring" in Pearl and the "Women's Silicone Wedding Ring" with the Emerald Forest print.

We may need manicures, but our Groove rings are fabulous! 

Now, I was worried about wearing a ring after not wearing one for so long, but we've been rocking our GrooveLife rings for a few weeks and we absolutely love them. We switch them up on occasion, but most of the time Matt wears his Deep Stone Gray ring and I wear my Emerald Forest print ring. We've been browsing the GrooveLife website to see what else was available, and we were quite surprised by all of the different collections. 

Want them? Buy them!

Head on over to the GrooveLife website and take a look at all of their amazing rings (and even some adventure gear). They currently have a BOGO 50% off sale for the week of Thanksgiving, so head on over soon and be sure to use the code THANKS50 when you are checking out.  

You can connect with GrooveLife on Facebook and IG

Special thanks to GrooveLife for allowing me to share about their wonderful silicone rings. Be sure to look for them featured in our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

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