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Flower Gifting for Every Occasion Made Easy

Gifting flowers to a dear one can help you in communicating an array of sentiments ranging from saying sorry, expressing condolences, giving thanks to professing love. Flowers are fragrant, beautiful and most importantly are natural which means it can stir that perfect emotional response in every recipient. Below is an ideal guide to help you pick the right flowers for the right occasion. Also if you live in Calgary, you can access a calgary flower subscription to find what you need on a regular basis.
  1. Valentine’s Day- When you think of Valentine’s Day, it is roses that first comes to the mind. The vivid colors of pinks and reds will provide the ideal symbol of romance and passion in a relationship. No matter you gift a single flower, a big or a small bunch they look great in every form. Though roses are synonymous with Valentine's Day and are a traditional choice today, there are other species of flowers as well such as carnations, orchids, hyacinths and tulips which also possess a loving feeling. No wonder it is used as an alternative to roses on a bouquet created for Valentine's Day. In fact, 10% of spending will go to a traditional flower purchase for Valentine's Day.

  1. Mother's Day- A mother plays a pivotal role in each one of our lives, so she deserves to be gifted some special flowers on Mother's Day. So, choose a flower arrangement which makes her feel appreciated and cherished and something that she can lovingly put on display. Choose a bouquet that is vivacious and bright, a mix of roses and carnations mixed with Gerbera daisies, lilies and chrysanthemums will be an ideal choice. Along with lighting up the room, its delicate fragrance will work wonders to freshen up the home.

  1. Congratulations- The truth is there are countless occasions where you may wish to congratulate someone like a new home, graduation or a new job and what can be a better choice of expressing your feelings than flower gifting. Resting on the reason, the time and the recipient's taste, you need to choose the flower accordingly. In case of a gift for housewarming, a beautiful bouquet of scented, colorful flowers will create magic. It will leave the recipient's house feeling welcoming and fresh. For winter months the shades should be deep and rich while for springtime it must be delicate and pale.

  1. New Baby- We are all aware of the fact that flowers are synonymous with a new life thus make an ideal gift to welcome a baby while offering the new parents with warm wishes. Here choosing the traditional colors make sense. It can be colors that match the baby's gender such as cream and pink for a girl and purple and blue for a boy.

  1. Engagement- A perfect way to congratulate a couple will be by gifting them a beautiful flower bouquet. Ensure to pick flowers that match their personalities. For prominent personalities choose flowers like Oriental lilies and chrysanthemum and for a happy couple choose flowers like yellow carnations and daisies.

  1. Birthday- You can either present a bunch of flowers on a dear one's birthday or complement it with some other gifts. Choose the recipient's favorite flowers or use flowers associated with his/her birth month. Take a look at the list of flowers for the different months.

  • Carnation- January
  • Violet/Iris- February
  • Daffodil- March
  • Daisy/Sweet Pea- April
  • Lily of Valley- May
  • Rose- June
  • Larkspur-July
  • Gladiolus- August
  • Forget-me-nots/Aster- September
  • Marigold- October
  • Chrysanthemum- November
  • Poinsettia- December

  1. Wedding Anniversary- Flowers from times immemorial are considered a traditional gift for gifting a couple on their wedding anniversary. There are different flowers for different years,

  • Pansy- 1st Anniversary
  • Daisy- 5th Anniversary
  • Daffodil- 10th Anniversary
  • Rose- 15th Anniversary
  • Day Lily- 20th Anniversary
  • Iris- 25th Anniversary
  • Sweet Pea- 30th Anniversary
  • Nasturtium- 40th Anniversary
  • Violet- 50th Anniversary

  1. Sympathy- You can send flowers for expressing condolences and sympathy to a person that has suffered bereavement off late. Flowers can represent life and hope during tough times, yet it is crucial in getting the message and feeling correct in the flower arrangement which you select to send. White is the traditional color that is associated with sympathy. Going with a tasteful arrangement in white chrysanthemums, gladioli, carnations, irises, orchids or roses will be a safe choice. If you knew the departed well and he/she was a person who loved life you can explore some interesting options.

  1. Get Well Soon- If a dear one is ill or injured, you can cheer them and brighten up their day by sending some lovely flowers. Flowers that are bright and bold will make them feel happy and healthy. A colorful bouquet when sent to a relative or friend in a hospital can brighten up the dreary room. Choosing yellow flowers will work wonders because yellow represents health and life but flowers in orange and red will also work well. Look for wide colored roses, tulips, daffodils, and sunflowers for offering that positive vibe. Always remember if you send flowers in a hospital avoid using flowers having a strong scent.

  1. Thank You- Giving or sending flowers is a popular means of saying thank you, and you can show gratitude via your selection of type and color. Some thank you flower species traditionally convey sentiments of a different kind. Chrysanthemums will say thank you especially for being a lovely friend, hydrangeas for being understanding and sweet peas for good times. Besides another way in which you can select a bouquet to convey thank, you will be by customizing the same as per the taste of the recipient. If you know the recipients favorite color or flower, use it for inspiring a flower arrangement which they will love.

  1. Sorry- Every human being at some point does something wrong and an essential means of saying sorry is by presenting flowers. Shades/ colors are a vital factor to consider because with your selection you do not desire in being too brash. Yellow symbolizes companionship and friendship, and white stands for forgiveness and peace. Pair flowers with a greeting card which will convey your regret. Flowers will be the perfect gift for apologizing.

  1. Easter- If you wish to celebrate Easter send your loved ones some beautiful flowers. White stands for purity while yellow for a new life. You can choose species such as snowdrops, tulips, daisies, calla lilies, and daffodils. When these flowers are mixed, it will create a fresh and beautiful look which the recipient will appreciate.

Get in touch with the best florist and gift your loved ones with a unique flower arrangement that will make the occasion worth remembering.

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