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Drink Your Hot Beverage Carefree with Coollids #MBPHGG18

 Thank you to Coollid for the products. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I love a good cup of hot coffee any day of the year, but especially in the cold, winter months. Everyone loves that the coffee is hot, but we also want to be able to drink it sooner rather than later. Coollid has conducted extensive research when it comes to hot beverage packaging. These cups are revolutionary for quick service coffee places and for use at home. Coollid is perfect for the hot beverage drinker in your family. 

Coollid has developed a spill-proof and burn-proof way to drink hot beverages on the go. The beverage goes into a little reservoir to cool down, but is still covered so it won't spill. I appreciate these qualities as a coffee and tea lover as well as a mama of two little ones. I know I won't spill the hot drink on them with Coollids. Coollids also focuses on their bio-based construction. 

How could you not love a product that thinks about families on the go and the environment? 

Want it? Buy it!

Coollids are available in cases from 50 ($22.97)  to 1000 ($86.77), currently on sale. There's also free shipping. These are great for use at home or for coffee shops. 

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