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I partnered with Bluprint on this sponsored post. All thoughts are my own.

'What will you make today?' When was the last time you asked yourself that question? Have you ever even asked the question at all? When I was growing up, I loved to make things. Crafts, food, projects, you name it, I wanted to try my hand at making it. The older I got, the busier I became, and one day, I seemed not to have time to make things anymore. I was left with a closet filled with paper crafting supplies for scrapbooking, and totes filled with fabric, sewing items, and cases filled with beads for jewelry-making. After becoming a wife and mom, my passion for making things was overtaken by the very real pressures and expectations of adulthood, and somewhere along the line, I lost a bit of myself.

Whatever happened to my desire to make things? To cook or sew, or even try something new? Well, there's the time factor, of course. So many of us have trouble separating work from personal time, and the same is true for me. There's the expense, as well. If you haven't noticed, crafting isn't cheap, and the expense of supplies can really eat into the family budget. Getting to a craft or specialty store can be challenging when you have kids in tow, or just don't know where to begin when looking for project supplies. What if you want to try something new just lack the knowledge, skills or techniques to get a good start?

Well, I'm here to tell you that you (and I) can throw all of those roadblocks and 'what ifs' out the window, thanks to Bluprint! Bluprint connects makers of all kinds with world-class experts, guidance for all skill levels, and learning that fits your lifestyle – whether you have two minutes or two hours. Bluprint gives you access to thousands of hours of videos and classes in categories like knitting, baking, sewing, quilting, crochet, cooking, PLUS art, home decorating, writing, cooking, baking, dance, fitness and yoga.

I decided that I was ready to try my hand at making things again. I wanted to try something totally new (to me), and was so excited to see so many options related to sewing, like quilting, knitting, and crocheting. I decided to give crochet a try. My grandmother loved to crochet, and through the years, made some really beautiful blankets and other wonderful things for me and my sister. She passed away a couple of years ago around this time, and this is just another way for me to keep her memory alive.

What do you want to do today?

How about crochet?

When you sign up for an annual Bluprint subscription, you're able to receive a free 'get started box' to help you get on your way to making beautiful things. Since I opted for crochet, I received a box for Beginner Crochet. I wasn't sure what to expect since I don't know much at all about how to crochet or what you need to get started, so this box was perfect for me. I was so excited to open it up and get familiar with the tools I would be using to create my very first projects.

Check out my Bluprint Crochet Box Unboxing Video to see what was included in my box!

If you don't have time to watch the video, don't worry, I'll show you everything that came in the box, here, as well!

'Today, you're a crochet artist.'

First of all, the crochet box is beautiful! Everything is beautifully packaged, and easy to recognize, even if you know nothing about the project you will be taking on. I was greeted with the words, 'Today you're a crochet artist,' which made me feel hopeful and inspired... like yes, I was ready to take on something new!

So many items included in the box to help get me started!

I was blown away by how much product there was in the crochet box from Bluprint. If I were to go out on my own and purchase everything needed to start a crochet project from scratch, including tools, yarn, patterns, and perhaps even lessons, I'm sure I'd be looking at spending $100.00 just to get my feet wet- maybe even more.

This handy informational guide tells you all about your new box!

I really appreciated how well thought out and laid out the informational guide that came with the box was. It listed and showed imaged of all of the supplies included in the box, so I knew what everything was. There was also information about the crochet instructor, Selena Baca. I love knowing background information about people I study with, so I thought this was pretty cool!

A cute Bluprint Tote Bag to hold my crochet supplies was included in my crochet box.

I wasn't expecting to receive a new tote bag with my box, so that was a nice surprise! It's large enough to hold all of the supplies that came with the box, which is perfect. I can easily store and move the supplies from room to room or place to place. I plan on bringing my crochet projects along on our family vacation after Christmas. I'm so excited!

A notions kit helps any new crochet artist start their projects with ease!

I love the adorable little notions kit that came in the crochet box. It has everything you need to start your crochet projects, like little scissors and hooks. I know that if purchased individually, these items can add up fast! This little storage pouch is the perfect place to keep all of your crochet tools organized so you know where they are, plus- you can easily place it into your tote bag or purse, and take them along just about anywhere!

Not one, but four included crochet patterns for easy projects to get started with crochet!

So, not only is there one project pattern included in the box- there are actually four different patterns to be used for four different projects. With Salena Baca's patterns and video instruction, I would be on my way to making a headband, scarf, cowl, and hat. Wow! I would be so thrilled to be able to give these as Christmas gifts! Not only are these things that I would love to gift, but they are also useful, practical pieces that I would use myself, and they look adorable!

Oh, the yarn! Beautiful, colorful yarn!

I couldn't believe all of the yarn that was included in my box. There were seven different bundles of yarn, all soft and beautiful! I love all of the colors, and cannot wait to see them bring my crochet projects to life!

Before I did anything, I decided to just go ahead and check out my first video lesson with Salena Baca. It was a great way for me to become familiar with how she instructs, and become familiar with the tools and supplies. There are a lot of different lesson episodes which teach different stitches. I like to start with the basics and work my way up. I'll probably be sticking with basic stitches for quite some time before I feel comfortable and confident to move along to something more challenging. That's the beauty of Bluprint, though- I can work at my pace on my time!

Ready to create? It's Easy to get started with Bluprint!

What are you passionate about? Maybe it's painting, cake decorating, home decorating, photography or paper crafting. Maybe it's cooking, quilting, sewing or crochet. Whatever you're interested in doing or making, Bluprint can help you get started by giving you access to all of the information, tools, instructions and resources needed to get into a new hobby or get reacquainted with a long lost love.

Choose your plan:

Annual Plan
Billed yearly
Includes: A Bluprint Box of Choice

Monthly Plan
Billed monthly
*Does not include a Bluprint Box

You'll receive:

Unlimited access to 3,000 hours of exclusive videos and classes
Access to 600+ of the world's leading creative experts
Exclusive new videos released weekly
Creative inspiration for less than $0.35 a day
Special member offers on crafting supplies, recipes, patterns and more

What are you waiting for?

Head on over to Bluprint to check out all of the wonderful videos and classes available! If you like what you see, why not give it a try? You may discover a love and passion for something you've never tried before, just like me! Just select your interest, and then select your preferred plan to get started.
A Bluprint annual subscription with a 'get started' Bluprint box would make such an amazing holiday gift! I'd love to gift a Bluprint subscription to a couple of folks in my family who also love to craft and create!

I'm so thankful that I was able to give crochet a try through Bluprint. I am eager to learn more in the coming weeks, and will definitely be stopping back in to update you on my success with my crochet projects!

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What will you make today? I can't wait to see!

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