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5 Guidelines For Choosing A Landscaping Company In Edmonton

Customizing your landscape to fit the image you have in mind can be challenging. Challenging in the sense that you have to outsource the service to capable hands, and with the number of landscape companies here in Edmonton – like the Terra Nova Landscapingyou might end up hiring the services of the wrong company if care is not taken. You have to familiarize yourself with enough information that will enable you to make the right choice.

We understand the dilemma one might face in trying to get the best to bring your landscape to life, hence, we have come up with 5 Guidelines For Choosing A Landscaping Company In Edmonton.
Read and be informed.
1. Endeavor To Make Sure They Are Licensed

Anyone can wake up one morning to claim to be a landscaper, but not every one of them can fake being licensed. Many have fell victim of quack, wannabe landscapers that are only concerned about ripping clients off their cash without doing the job they were called for in the first place. Seeking for their license certificates is a way to move past this hurdle.

For them to be licensed it means it is a legitimate business, it means they are capable enough to see to your landscape problem, it means they are equipped with the right facilities to handle landscape issues.
So, it is paramount to seek for their license certificates to be double-sure before handing over the job to them. Some already have their license up their websites, making it easier for you to check and double-check with the right agency if you doubt the credibility of it.

2. Tailor Your Landscaping Needs To Those Capable Of Handling It

Just in case you were confused by that header, what I am trying to say is that you should be sure the Landscaping company offers the services you require. This is one common mistake most people make when trying to get a landscaper, they assume all landscape companies provide all the services there is in Landscaping. If you are one of those that firmly believe that, I am sorry to burst your bubble but you are wrong. Some offer a selective number of the services and also a few of them offer all of the services.

The following are some of the services offered by commercial landscape companies:

  • Landscape Design
  • Landscape Maintenance
  • Snow Ice Management
  • Irrigation and Lightning
  • Landscape Construction
  • Landscape Enhancement.

So, before you take that bold step of employing their services, endeavor to go through their brochure to know if they are fit to satisfy your needs.

3. Search For Reviews

Of course, there would have been people that have had an experience with the company you are about to employ their services and it is advisable to find them and ask them of their opinion about the company’s services.  Word of the mouth is something you can’t just neglect in this case. You can almost never go wrong with this. In issues like this, a second opinion will definitely go a long way. They will reveal truths about the company that the company itself may not tell you and that could influence your decision on employing their services.

4. Ask For Photo  References

This should be a no-brainer. They say seeing is believing and in this case, it is still very much applicable. Before you trust your work with a landscaping company, you should seek for photos of their past works, so you can have a visual representation of what your job is going to come out like when it is done. If possible, you can ask them to take you to a site they are currently working on – that is if there is one at that moment.

Doing this can help you know whether the Landscaping company is the right fit for the job or not.

5. Look Out For Some Desirable Personality Traits

A landscaper with all the know-how and equipment can be considered flawed if he/she doesn’t possess key traits that can make it easy for clients to work with them. Picture employing a landscaper that is downright domineering and reinforces every idea without seeking your opinion, it can be annoying and make you – the client – appear irrelevant.

You want to employ someone that listens; Someone that is patient enough to communicate his/her ideas to you; Someone that understands your needs.

Employing such a person/company that ticks all the right boxes can make it fun and exciting for you.

As stated earlier, you can now see that selecting the right landscaper to bring your landscape to life, is no walk in the park but by following the 5 Guidelines For Choosing A Landscaping Company In Edmonton, I don’t think you will have a problem.

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