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Celebrate the Magic of the Holiday Season with Reindeer in Here #MBPHGG18

Thank you to Reindeer in Here for providing me with product for my post. All thoughts are my own.

Hey parents, if you're looking for a sweet tradition to start with your family this holiday season, I have an amazing idea for you! Every year, our family starts a countdown to Christmas with a special friend (aka- our elf), and this year, he's being joined by 'Fluffy,' our adorable reindeer pal from Reindeer In Here. I was so excited to introduce you all to Reindeer In Here over the summer, and now that the holiday season is upon us, our reindeer is ready to take up residence in our home and help us celebrate the season.

It all starts with a sweet little reindeer!

My kids were so excited to meet their reindeer, which they lovingly named Fluffy.

Unlike other holiday traditions which focus on children's behavior and reports back to Santa, Reindeer in Here takes a different approach to the joys of the holiday season. The Reindeer in Here gift set comes with the 8" reindeer plush (like the one shown above), and the book, which you read and enjoy as a family. Your kids are encouraged to love on their sweet reindeer and discover the true meaning of the holiday together.

Another wonderful reason to love Reindeer in Here is that the sweet little reindeer was specially designed, just like each and every one of us. The story showcases the differences of the reindeer and his friends, showing kids that 'different' is normal, and no two people are exactly alike. As I read Reindeer in Here with my kids, we celebrated the differences that make is so special.

Check out my previous Reindeer in Here post for more information about the Reindeer in Here gift set and holiday tradition.

Super Soft Knit Socks

This holiday season, award-winning (9 in fact) Reindeer in Here has rolled out with some adorable holiday products to correspond with the book! These products can be used to help get your kids into the spirit of the holiday season, and help spark their love and excitement for this special new family tradition.

Your kids will love warming up in a pair of Reindeer in Here Super Soft Knit Socks! They are plush and fuzzy on the inside, and smooth on the outside, with images of their sweet little reindeer pal, sitting in the snow. These were the perfect choice for my son, B (8 years old) who still believes in Santa and loves all of the special things that we do for the holidays. We have been doing holiday traditions with him since he was two or three, and now he has a new tradition to share with his little sister, which makes it all the more special for them and us.

B couldn't wait to chill in his new Reindeer in Here socks, and his sister couldn't keep her hands off them, either!

Reindeer In Here - Thermal Slipper Socks (Heat Print) 

95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
Cozy thermal slipper socks keep your feet warm during the holidays and beyond! Youth Size 5-9.
Cute & warm "Cane The Snowman" Socks are great addition to this festival season.
LIMITED EDITION for 2018 so get yours now!
Part of the MOST AWARDED HOLIDAY TRADITION brand collection of Reindeer In Here!
The perfect gift for your child's Reindeer In Here to leave under the tree for them.
$14.99 - Reindeer in Here Thermal Slipper Socks (Amazon)

A Cookie Plate Set for Yummy Cookies & Christmas Memories

The Reindeer in Here Cookie Plate Set, $23.99 (Amazon)

We love baking Christmas cookies, and would you believe that even after all these years of being parents, we never had a dedicated 'cookies for Santa' plate? Shocking, I know! This adorable Cookie Plate Set features Santa, and the sweet Reindeer in Here reindeer. The larger plate is to place Santa's cookies on, and then the smaller plate is for reindeer food. We usually put cookies and carrots out on Christmas Eve, so this is the perfect plate duo!

Fluffy (the reindeer) hasn't brought this plate set for the kids just yet- he'll do that on December 1st, but I know they're going to love this and will want to bake cookies for Santa right away! Just another sweet tradition and another way for us to play with Fluffy and make special holiday memories.

Cookie Plate Set Features

LIMITED EDITION for 2018! Get yours before they're gone!
The complete set! Cookie plate for Santa and reindeer treats plate for the reindeers' carrots!
The PERFECT Christmas Eve tradition to go with your child's Reindeer In Here Christmas friend
Part of the MOST AWARDED Christmas tradition brand - Reindeer In Here!
Start your tradition now, and pass the plates down for generations to come!

Additional Plush Reindeer Available!

Reindeer in Here 8 inch plush- $21.99 (Amazon)

I would suggest purchasing an additional plush reindeer if you have more than one child who will be participating in this special new holiday tradition. When I first introduced Reindeer in Here to my kids, we just had the one plush that came with the gift sets, and let me tell you- there were tears. I couldn't believe how immediately attached both of my kids were to their new reindeer friend. Now that we have an additional 8 inch reindeer plush, each child has their own to play with, and sleep with each night.

Why Parents Love Reindeer in Here

It’s the FIRST GIFT from Santa and it arrives EARLY
 HOLD IT, love it, and INTERACT with it!
 It HELPS SANTA get to know each child even better!
 WRITES NIGHTLY NOTES to Santa about each child’s Christmas wishes
 NO STRESS. Parents don’t have to move it!
 It’s cute and WANTS TO BE CUDDLED
 TAKE IT anywhere and EVERYWHERE
 Celebrates the message that DIFFERENT IS NORMAL
 Children take it on DAILY ADVENTURES
 Never loses its CHRISTMAS MAGIC
 Each child NAMES their own reindeer

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to grab these adorable Reindeer In Here products on Amazon! You won't want to miss out on this wonderful new holiday tradition with your family. Even celebrities are gushing over Reindeer in Here! The Reed family (Adam Reed is dad & creator of this awesome tradition) is so amazing for sharing this special story and tradition with all of the world, just in time for making Christmas memories. I can't thank Adam enough for allowing us to be a part of this, and for allowing me to share it with all of you!

Be sure to connect with Reindeer in Here on Facebook and Twitter & be sure to share your pics on social media so we can all enjoy this sweet and magical tradition together!

Reindeer in Here makes an amazing and special holiday gift! Be sure to look for it in our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

Who would you share this special story and new holiday tradition with?

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