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Boost Your Bedroom Comfort in 5 Quick Steps

The bedroom is, by default, the most private and comfortable room in the entire house, as that’s where we spend all our vulnerable, private, and emotional moments. However, there are always ways to boost the comfort level of the bedroom, so that it can become the ultimate place of relaxation, as you will see next.

Remove Clutter

It might not seem so at first, but the fact is that the less cluttered your bedroom is, the more comfortable it looks and feels. Not only does a stuffy and disorganized room look bad, but it can also increase our sense of anxiety quite significantly, leading to insomnia and restlessness. Clean your bedroom, remove unnecessary furniture and put in a houseplant or two if you can. In case you have a particularly small bedroom, keep things organized and opt for space-saving furniture that has multiple functionalities. For example, wall cabinets, tables with storage space underneath, and divan beds are great options to consider.

Buy New Beddings

There are multiple ways to change the mood and look of your bedroom and simply changing the sheets, blankets, comforters, pillow covers, etc., is one of the most effective and affordable ones among them. As far as the comfort is concerned, a set of new bedding, complete with cozy quilts, sateen sheets and colorful soft cushions can, without a doubt, make any bed seem and feel a lot more appealing than before. Even if your previous sets were all premium, it is good to change things up in your bed every once in a while, to keep everything looking fresh and inviting. Besides, if the mattress doesn’t make you as comfortable on your bed as it should, putting a few beautiful and comfortable toppers on it could be just what you need.

Get a Smart Light

The lighting in a bedroom is one of the most important factors in determining its comfort level, next only to the bed and the room temperature. Smart LED lights can be set to change according to the time of the day, or they can be adjusted manually to make any room feel inviting and comfortable during any hour of the day or night. You would be surprised at how new and refreshing everything feels by simply switching out a light bulb or two.

Maintain the Temperature

Depending on the kind of climate that you live in and the present weather conditions there, the temperature in a bedroom needs to be either kept comfortably warm or cool. A smart thermostat is an effective way to maintain a constant and comfortable room temperature if you feel that your bedroom could use automated temperature regulation, especially as you sleep at night.

Address the Noise

This is harder for some of us than others because a lot depends on the kind of neighborhood we live in. If it’s a noisy neighborhood, consider taking some of the measures as mentioned below.
  • Use a draft stopper to seal the gap under your door to stop outside noise from getting into your bedroom
  • Hang dark, sound-absorbing door and window curtains
  • Seal the gaps any between the windows and the walls with mastic
  • If all else fails, a white noise machine may help

As a bonus tip, we would recommend adding a few more pillows to the bed because it can really make a difference. Also, if the mattress is particularly uncomfortable and small, it might be a good idea to consider replacing it, especially if adding a mattress topper doesn’t help much.

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