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Best Foods for Your Inner Health

Your health is your responsibility. No matter how expensive gym you go to, how many detoxification diets you do in a week, or if you are size zero and your biceps are strong as ever. It is really important to be clean and healthy from within. If you are not healthy from within, you will still be inclined towards catching diseases, lack of energy and have a dull skin. Inner health is not determined by how much you work out or how toned your body is; but with what you eat and drink. Your health is influenced 80% by the type of food intake you have. It can either cleanse and purify your body or damage it even further.

Below are some unknown facts about some foods and how can they benefit our health and skin:
  • Nitric oxide: A molecule which is naturally produced in our body, and serves a lot of important functions for our body is nitric oxide. We have heard so much about the importance of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, but not everyone is aware of the importance of nitric oxide. The most influential function which it performs is vasodilation, which means that it widens and increases the circulation of the inner muscles of the blood vessels and relaxed them. Relaxed blood vessels deliver oxygen to all parts of the body more effectively. Lack of nitric oxide can lead to problems like diabetes, obesity or heart diseases. Although this molecule is naturally produced in the body, there are some ways in which we can enhance the supply of nitric acid in our body. Vegetables like celery, spinach, and beetroot are very rich in nitrate. Taking supplements like L-arginine and L-citrulline also boosts the level of nitric oxide in our body. To buy the products containing nitric oxide, buy Kyani from Team Genesis which have a varied product range of the same.

  • Berries: Berries are the rare example of a food which is tasty as well as beneficial for health. Berries like strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries are super good and have numerous qualities. They are filled with antioxidants and also increases the rate if metabolism in our body. These small berries are loaded with fiber and nutrients like vitamin C and K, folate, and manganese. They keep the level of cholesterol and diabetes in check. Along with boosting mental and heart health, berries also helps in losing weight. Whether you are only detox or any other doctor's recommended diet, berries can be enjoyed by everyone and in every age, keeping in check the amount of intake in order to avoid overdosage of nutrients.

  • Coconut water: Coconut water is the most nutritious and hydrating beverage that one can drink. By boosting the metabolism, it plays a tremendous role in shedding weight. If you are looking for a major weight loss, you can drink this water 3-4 times a day and you will notice the difference in just one week. Drinking coconut water can reduce the bloating in your body. This fresh drink also helps in lowering the blood pressure. Cholesterol maintenance is another benefit of coconut water. Studies have shown that drinking coconut water regularly also prevents the formation of kidney stones.

  • Garlic: Apart from adding abundant flavors to our food, garlic has proven to be humongously beneficial for our health and skin. This bulb part of Lily plant is loaded with compounds like zinc, calcium, sulfur, and allicin. Garlic contains a mineral called selenium, which has many cancer-fighting properties. Consuming 3-4 garlic cloves every day will strengthen your bones to a great extent and helps in fighting many arthritis and cholesterol. The antioxidants in a garlic bulb have the capacity to fight many diseases. In short, they are the perfect solution if you want to improve your immune system. Pickled garlic also helps to reduce the level amount of high metal in your body.

  • Quinoa: The quinoa is considered as the king of all the food grains. This seed is very high in protein content and contains all 9 amino acids. This seed contains a maximum number of fibers, more than any other food grains. It helps in reducing the blood pressure and glucose levels In our body. The content of iron in quinoa helps in providing oxygen to the blood and to the muscles. Quinoa also contains lysine which helps in growth and repair of tissues. This fibrous food is the best option for the people who gluten intolerant.

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