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A Guide to Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is essential from time to time, and shouldn’t be an entirely unappealing job to undertake. After all, once it’s over, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment in a home that’s clean, tidy, and not in need of further cleaning for a long while. But to do a comprehensive job, creating the cleanest and most satisfying of homes, you’ll either need to contract with a professional service like The Cleaning Collective or be attentive to all the small details. Here’s a quick guide, therefore, to the joy of the perfect spring clean, tidying your home for your family to keep them safe, healthy, and happy. Remember: spring cleaning isn’t only for the spring months! 

  1. Dust

One of the main elements of spring cleaning is to locate and remove any dust you find around your home. Its one of those things that naturally accumulates over weeks and months, and it can be bad news for your familys lungs and overall health if its left to linger on sideboards and shelves throughout your home. The best way to deal with dust is to tackle it first. That way, any dust that you displace onto the floor, you can vacuum up later on. Think of all the places in your home that dust is likely to have accumulated in, and sweep, dust and vacuum your way to a clean house.

  1. Carpets

Your next stage is to make all of the horizontal surfaces in your home as clean and dirt-free as possible. There are two levels to every carpet clean: one is the simple vacuum, and the other is the use of a water-and-soap professional cleaner to properly wash the fibers in your carpet, bringing out the original coloration. The latter is naturally advisable, given that itll restore any carpet back to perfection. The equipment is relatively expensive to buy, so you should consider bringing in the mytechnicare.com professionals to help you out.

  1. Polish and Sheen
Windows, doors, floors and any other smooth surfaces in your home should be polished to within an inch of their lives during the most thorough spring clean. Cast your eyes over each and every room youre planning on cleaning, and take a look over each object in that room. Anything that youll be able to buff up to give a little extra gleam and sparkle to your home should be done with a polishing cloth. Leave the outside of your windows to the professionals to ensure youre getting the purest natural light into your home.

  1. Smells and Odors

Sometimes, it can be hard to locate the origin of smells that arent welcome in your home at the conclusion of your spring clean. You have a few options where odors are concerned. Perhaps the best of all is to affix a periodic cleansing product to your home, the kind that emits delightful smells every now and then to cover up, for instance, the smell of dog hair that can creep into any canine-loving home within a few hours. Opening all the windows of your house for a day is another tried-and-tested method for complete odor removal.

Spring cleans are deeply satisfying once theyre over, given youve done it right! This short guide should help you leave no stone unturned in your quest for spring clean perfection.

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